Law of Attraction: Gratitude and Divine Assignments

These days I’m consistently pondering what is happening in the world near me, and understanding how much my focus is on what I want… What I desire in my life, my work, my friendships, inner and outer wellness is being reflected in the world near me…When I reflect upon my training in the Law of Attraction as the basis for my energy Healing Work, Quantum-Touch Therapy, I remember more than 20 years ago, I learned the value of holding that high vibration that could actually shift those I was close to in the store, my massage table, or in the classroom to totally change their attitudes. I’ve often sat here in my wee space and done Distant Healing for causes, not because I am a great protester, however for me I was inspired to use the energy healing tools I’ve learned to help 1) healing of the planet, 2) someone in my life I knew was in a difficult place and I felt that perhaps I could create some upliftment for them, and/or; 3) perhaps I felt drawn to shift the energy that I was feeling for a family member, to do my work to assist with creating ease and comfort at that moment. In all of this time, I’m now 79 years of age, and am aware of what it was I felt inspired to do, in fact, if I can be totally transparent here, I know that I was instructed to be here for more years at the moment when I had a choice to make regarding whether or not to call 911 when I knew that I was rapidly approaching death, and was fine with that, and that little voice behind my right shoulder told me that it was not my time, and that I had work still to do regarding my healing work, and to get on to 911. I remember so well that when I took the phone and was punching in the numbers, realizing that one of the responses to a toxic substance is that I couldn’t remember my street address. And how grateful I was when the operator asked me if I was still at that address that she had on my record. So, I have truly become very aware of how important it is for me stay aware of what I desire. In fact, in my coaching work with The Desire Factor the first principle is the Principle of Alignment. When I allow myself to tune in to what I’m aware of out in the world, I’m wondering about that aspect of myself as a human being, and that of my fellow human beings here. I am needing to stay in that place of Love, and Peace, not just within myself, and those who are near me with whom I’m easily in that emotional space, however, my Divine Assignment is that I also stay in that space with all those who are just a bit beyond my doors and windows and loving and being peaceful with the entire universe. I love what I do, I love this work with the concept of beautiful loving light and sending peace and gratitude to the world beyond my doors, beyond my neighbourhood, my city, my province, my country, my hemisphere, and indeed to the entire planet… This is my Divine Assignment for which I am very grateful every moment of every day. I have been gifted with this amazingly healthy body and spirit… and this is the time to truly be aware of the value of, and the importance of these feelings and skills, the tools I have to create so many shifts to the planet…..Many blessings, and much love to everyone who is in that place of accepting this energy of love….