Law of Attraction Coaching and Clearing Old Memories

How many years have I been working on releasing old memories and the unpleasant encounters I’ve had with people from my life from long ago. It seems that the time I’ve been spending alone during this pandemic while I’m here and not doing my regular working tasks, I’ve had a lot more time for memories to emerge.

Last weekend I was teaching a Quantum-Touch therapy Level I class using Zoom, and as I was teaching how we can use some of our Distant Healing tools to allow us to clear issues from the past. I’ve done many of these processes in the past, since I’ve been teaching Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I for 17 years, however, I had a result about an old memory that surprised, me as I’ve already done work with this relationship and used forgiveness techniques, however, as I was getting into the technique, suddenly this face was right beside me, and I knew that I needed to take that step at that moment. I did so, and felt liberated in a way that I’d not in the past.

So, this morning as I’m doing some of my Coaching techniques and making choices for my future, I realized that my capacity to choose a greater future, an unlimited future without parameters, I could make that choice something I’d not been able to do in the past.

My conclusion was that by having been able to forgive that person from my past, I was now able to imagine and aspire to this unlimited future without any doubts nor obstacles between me and that future. I am feeling totally liberated and free to get on with my life, my unlimited life.

I’m so grateful for this work that I do, and those who have chosen to use this work, and to teach us to use it both in our own lives as well as to use it in Quantum-Touch Therapy as well as my coaching practice. It absolutely works like magic, creating lives that we would not otherwise have believed possible.

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