Judith and Her Journey to Wellness

Judith Mahoney and her Journey to wellness

I am very excited about sharing my personal journey back to health. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukaemia, the oncologist treating me at the time scheduled me for immediate chemotherapy, starting within three weeks.
Having a healthy fear of the standard methods used in cancer treatment and a basic understand of energy work, I decided not to do the treatment.

Fast forward ten years, I have tried many different holistic treatments over the years which have kept me in reasonable health, but never able to reduce my blood levels below ‘ high’ in the critical areas or increase my energy level or overall health.

Ten months ago, a dear friend gave me a gift of sessions for Quantum-Touch therapy with Aileen. After bi monthly sessions, my blood work has shown significant improvement, my energy level and overall health has greatly improved. My current oncologist is amazed at my recent progress after all the years and is considering that after the next review appointment, I may not have to continue being a patient of the cancer clinic.

I am fortunate in having been previously exposed to energy work and to have worked out the fear associated with serious illness. My working with Aileen was very natural and so beneficial, I am blessed that life presented me with such a skilled and accomplished practitioner. My goal is to return all my blood levels to normal and to live a very long and healthy life.

The levels of life threatening illnesses are increasing every year, current medical treatments are failing in most cases, it is time for serious consideration of alternative methods.

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