I love Ottawa

This morning I was driving into downtown Ottawa to ensure that I would be able to find my dentists’ new location when I go there this week. I’ve lived in this city most of my life, and I lived downtown for a number of years, following time spent living abroad.
I remember at that time, I would walk to my office from an apartment I lived in across from the Police Station on Elgin St., and my office was across the river in Gatineau. I always loved that walk, and I treasured the view I had of this city as I was living very close to the ground, by going everywhere on foot.
Now, following the pandemic lockdowns, and 20 years of living outside the centre of the city, I’ve not spent much time in the downtown areas. This morning, I intentionally found the address I needed to find, and then I took a leisurely drive along Elgin St., enjoying all the sights, sounds, and the aroma of spices from the cooking of various cuisines from many different cultures, and I found myself in tears as I appreciated this city, this city that actually seems a bit more like a small town, a city I realizing how much I love this city, the place that is my home.
I’ve been on the planet for 80 years now, and I’ve felt absolutely safe and cared about here in my home, this city of mine. I look forward to going back downtown for my appointment. I am really pleased that I was drawn to my downtown area again, to love and enjoy all the wonderful city with all its various aspects, waterways, green spaces, cuisines, and to know that we are all comfortable and safe in our homes.

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