How to Live our Best Lives by Understanding Energy and How to Use this Innate Part of us

I’m planning to offer a FB Live each Friday morning over the next 16 weeks on living and working with energy. Energy is an innate aspect of us physical beings, and in fact it is the part of us that will always be, and that can offer us the possibility of managing our lives in a much more effective manner.

As a Life Coach and hands-on healer working with creating the environment where transitions and transformations are a constant in our world, we can focus on having the best lives possible. We have the potential to live in high level wellness always, and as we read in the beginning of the Quantum-Touch Therapy book ‘We are Hard wired for Wellness’, we truly can live in high level wellness into our 8th decade and beyond.

Next Friday morning, Week one – October 15th, Working With Energy will be the topic as I introduce you to how powerfully you can impact your life as you learn to work with this amazing part of you.

Aileen McKenna, Aileen’s Oasis

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