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Recently I was made aware of the need for us to eat healthy protein and how delicious it can be to use beans and lentils in summer salads and how powerful it is to experience the energy this provides to our bodies.  I became interested in the spring with black beans and black eyed peas in a salad using adaname beans, celery, red onions, fresh cilantro, and fresh lime juice.  This salad was so good, that I began making it every week for months, and enjoying it just as much every time I made it.

More recently, I discovered lentil salad with some of the same results.  I am cooking the lentils, while I used canned beans, but the taste treat, using dried cranberries, and nuts with the lentils provided as much of an energy boost and satisfaction in the mouth and body as the bean salad and I’ve been promoting these systems of eating to friends who are wanting to reduce calory intake without risking the loss of protein foods.  Such a simple idea had not occured to me previously, and now I’m a real fan of beans and lentils as a powerful source of energy…like little energy providing packets.

I’ll post several recipes tomorrow if you are interested in trying these summer treats that are quick and easy to prepare and chocked full of energy.




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