Healing the Old Issues

I’ve heard it before, but today it really resonated with me as I was listening to Brian Whetten speak about selling with invitation.  I know that Greg Braden spoke of this in his Awakening to Zero Point, and that is that our unresolved issues will come back with vengence as we move forward on the evolutionary ladder.  When we feel that we’ve been broadsided, yet again, just when we thought we had found the answer, and were finally meeting our goals, something just pops in and sets us back on our laurells leaving us to wonder just exactly what happened.

Well, this morning as I listened again to Brian’s video, I heard the same thing.   Those old unresolved issues will reappear at each step along the way until finally something intervenes and we realize that we’ve been here before and now we need help to figure this out.

We all arrive here on the planet to have experiences and to resolve issues that will help us along our path.  These issues generally are the same issues being dealt with by everyone else here to one degree or another, and will be to a lesser or greater degree as those that are causing wars and killings in our own country and every other country on the planet.  We cannot get through this life without experiences that may cause us a lot of grief, but the key here, is to use it as a lesson, one that we can learn from and heal so that we can help others to heal.  It seems so simple when I write it like that, but then again, I’ve spent many of the last 71 years trying to make sense from why my life did the things it did, and now this morning as I heard Brian, I finally get the picture that was behind all the sabotage I have created, the seemingly disasterous actions I’ve taken and the pain I’ve caused myself.  Now I’ve come out the other side of this realization, and can express some appreciation for where I’ve been and the lessons I’ve learned, and to know that I came here to have these experiences as the means for me to understand where others are coming from.

Healing ourselves and the planet is an enormous task, and one not to be taken lightly.  However, when we begin to see the issues needing healing through the lens of NVC consciousness, we can take the lighten the burden realizing that none of the issues really have anything to do with us, but rather, are everyone expressing what they are feeling, and what they are needing in the only way possible.

What a rich beginning to a morning, and how delightful to feel the burden lifting as the light moves into those dark places raising my vibration and creating inspiration and aspiration throughout my being.


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