Having a Career as a Quantum-Touch Practitioner is the Best Job Ever

This morning I’m reflecting on my work life these days, knowing that it is not anything to do with work, but rather days filled with joy and upliftment. I recently heard Jennifer say that she had the best job ever, well I guess, since we are basically doing the work in the same field, that I’ve also got the best job ever.
As I was pondering this morning, I was remember several clients recently and their after session expressions. These were new clients who were not certain of what to expect during these initial sessions, and when they came back and sat up on the table, they began to move their bodies, usually beginning with the shoulders, and their heads. The looks of astonishment are quite striking, and the smiles and utter incredulity as they get up and truly experience how much their bodies have changed is a wonderful gift. For one client is was about her spinal curvature that she had been trying to correct in various ways over many years, and when she stood up, she knew that she was taller, so as I was upstairs getting my agenda, she went to the mirror. When I returned, she just kept laughing, and expressing such joy. She just couldn’t believe that in one session she could experience such a phenomonal change.
For my other new client, she had several issues that were bothering her. They were not debilitating, but had been causing her some concern, and she wasn’t getting any reassurance anywhere, so she wanted to try my work. She is also a yoga expert, and has been doing yoga for many years. She hadn’t realized that any of these problems had affected her flexibility, but when she stood up and started to move her body, initially her shoulders, and then to twist her upper body in various directions, she was astonished that her entire body was so much more flexible and that none of the painful parts were there any more.
The issues I was working on were internal, and of course, not visible on the outside, but when she began to move, it was clear that they were now gone, and she could truly be in her body doing what she wanted to do.
So, all my gratitude to Quantum-Touch, and to say to Jennifer, I, too have the best job ever… and I’m intending to just keep on working for many, many years… It is just such a cool way to spend my days, and as we all know, “When we give a session, we also get a session!” … so I just keep on getting stronger, and healthier, as I get older…

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