Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space

Part I: Creating Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries, both physical and emotional boundaries are an important part of growing up to be a mentally healthy happy and prosperous independent individual. Many of us have not established these healthy boundaries as children and therefore, as adults, and we have basically been unable to determine which thoughts, feelings, and in general what is ‘us’ and what is the ‘other’. When I discovered this information as a process to begin to fully grasp how to identify that something was happening that I couldn’t quite understand, I began to find ways to get that to happen. Most of the time, I would simply do what seemed to be the best, and to get on with it without understanding that so often what didn’t work well and easily was what I was deciding based upon the desires and energy of someone else. When I gradually, and finally begin to fully identify what aspects of my decisions were mine, and what wasn’t I felt much relieved, and over time, realized that I could be happier and healthier when dealing with ‘myself’.

This work has been invaluable for me in having some element of management over what and who impacted me day to day, I’ve decided to offer again, beginning this Friday, July 29th, 2022, this workshop that has proven to be so amazing for assisting participants in feeling more aware of their energy as well as in charge of their space. This initial workshop, Part I is about creating personal boundaries and I will share how I discovered how to recognize that we don’t have adequate boundaries, how to create boundaries, and how to maintain them. We will work with various tools as we move from being totally vulnerable to anyone and everyone, including the news of the day to slowly and graciously establishing who we are, and where we begin and end, and how we can affect everyone with our energy, as well as to be affected by anyone.

Early on, I began to understand about my interests and to take time to fully explore what I liked and why. That aspect of learning about myself was a lot of fun, and not only exciting, I began to understand that there was a very interesting person inside this being, and when I learned to shut out the others to the point that I could stay focused on who I was, I began to feel as I often did when reading a mystery novel, and wondering who was going to emerge in the end. I have a sense that the entire aspect of my wellbeing has been this journey into who I am.

Another part of this process was to find that I had a lot more physical energy. I suppose that when we are not able to live our ownselves, we expend a lot of energy pushing down those realizations about what is going on. I do remember wondering about many of my decisions, and why I had made the decision I had when I really had never been interested in those things previously, and then that ‘person’ came into my life and something changed. Many of you may recognize aspects of this in your own lives, or the lives of those around.

When we begin working with the workshop Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space, we begin to get small glimmers of these parts, and following a few months of regularly ensuring that we are always having a grounding cord, and clearing our field, and realizing that so many of those aspect of inner field do not belong to us, we start to build a sense of ‘us’. I remember looking in the mirror, and saying over and over, ‘This is me’.

The next offering of this workshop around is being offered this Friday, July 29th, 2022. It is important to let me know that you are wanting to register. As soon as you make your intentions known, even to yourself, you will begin to recognize shifts in your awareness, and begin that sense of ‘This is me’. We are all on a journey of self discovery as well as that journey of knowing why we are here now, and to that most wonderful awareness of knowing that this is exactly where you are meant to be. Bon Voyage.

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