Good morning 2021

I am so into getting into ts new year. So many of my aspirations and projects are planned for 2021. I’m planning to be certified as a Desire Factor Coach, as well as to offer more Quantum-Touch Therapy trainings, as I’ll be certified to teach Quantum-Touch Level II as well as the Super Charging workshop. These are the most amazing energy healing processes you can imagine, expanding anything we have ever considered possible as human beings.

We have been taught that we can only learn in institutions of learning where we learn what someone else has already discovered. In actual fact, when we begin to grasp and to experience working with our own energy, we start to come to terms with how powerful we really are as human beings. We are basically unlimited beings, and we control what we are able to create and to do by using our breath and our thoughts, our imagination.

This year, 2021, I’m planning to spend a lot more time teaching others to experience this in their own lives, as well as teaching about those skills I’ve been using for many years, and now I need to share with others.

I’m also planning to do more Law of Attraction coaching helping others to begin to find their way out of what they may consider to be stuck places, what we often refer to as ‘ruts’. We are basically limited by our own concept of what is possible, and when we begin to grasp a sense of our own power, and to begin to delve into those big ideas, those ‘pie in the sky’ dreams that we have always considered to be simply dreams, we start to experience the manifestation of those big dreams. As we begin to trust that what we are learning, and to focus daily on those big dreams, we start to experience changes that we witness how much is possible when we trust and focus upon what we do want, rather than what we don’t want.

As I spend time today, January 1st, 2021, focussing on my plans for this year, and indeed sketching it out on a spreadsheet, and developing a plan, I’m feeling the energy, feeling those big ideas beginning to manifest as the images of those goals produces results consistently as I spend time daily with those goals.

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