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Life-force energy is at the heart of Quantum-Touch.  It has been utilized and somewhat understood by countless cultures for thousand of years.  But, what is it really?  Let’s explore this extraordinary mystery in greater depth, and the miracles that come from working with it.





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The Magic of Life Force Energy:

“Absolutely Flabbergasted!”




Broken Collar Bone 


A 12 year old boy at Thredbo (Australian Ski Resort) was learning to snow board and fell onto a rock and broke his collar bone.  Three hours later his mum came and said I really need this session: my son just broke his collar bone.  He had 10/10 pain even with a strong pain killer on board. I explained that this might help him but the worst that can happen is that it would do nothing.


Within an hour there was NO Pain even when I tapped on the fracture site (bad nurse), and NO swelling or bruising.  Then I did another bad nurse thing and took his arm out of the sling and he had full range of movement.  His parents were standing behind me holding the xray with the obvious crack saying, “but its broken.”   I had him reviewed at the hospital where I worked and the doctor said “What did she do?”


Anyway he didn’t need the sling at home and never needed physio or pain relief again.




From Severe Head Injury to Full Recovery… 


An American Marine came off one of our ships at our Navy base at Garden Island – I worked in our Navy ward at the time. I am an RN for the Royal Australian Navy.


A 23 year old American Marine was assaulted knocked to the ground and sustained severe head injury including base of skull fracture bleeding in the brain damage to the frontal lobe (personality) was in intensive care for 10 days, intubated for 5 days. He was transferred to our ward at 4pm on day 11.  He was confused agitated and mumbling incoherent words.  He did not know where he was or even his name.


His 23 year old wife sat by his side with tears in her eyes, not knowing if the man she was married to and father of their 3 month-old son, whom he had not met due to being on deployment for the last 7 months, would ever come back to them.


That night I was asked to do a double shift.  During the night I sat by the soldier’s bed as he had to be nursed one on one due to his agitation and likely hood to remove his IV lines etc.  I decided that I should run energy to the soldiers brain most of which I by distance sitting next to him.  I did run some energy directly into his head also. As I was running the energy, i kept saying to him you need to heal for your wife and baby son.
He had a very peaceful night in our ward; they had to restrain him in the intensive care ward due to his agitation. In the morning he was able to tell us his name.  By Monday he was walking about the ward with his wife and completely normal.  The neuro teams are absolutely flabbergasted by his rate of his recovery saying they have never seen anything like this before with such damage.


He went back to the United States to meet his baby son and have the life he should have with his family.


I feel so blessed to be able to have given this gift of Love from an Aussie Nurse to an American Marine.




This Healing Story was sent to us from Louise Murray, RN, QT Practitioner, Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor and a Level 1 Mentor.   She has been a registered nurse for over 36 years who most definitely believes there is more to healing than drugs and surgery.  

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