Energy Awareness as Basic Life Skill

Beginning Our Journey With Energy

Week 2.  Beginning our Journey with Energy – Oct 22nd,

Good morning-Thank you for joining me in this presentation…  Beginning Our Journey with Energy.

When we begin our journey of being aware of our energy field, that part of us that is always there, always affected by how we feel and who we allow into our field, we have a wonderful opportunity to truly manage our lives.  This part of us provides for us such a loving connection with our full being. 

I’m going to suggest that we begin this morning learning how we can get a sense of the greater ‘us’ by sitting in the stillness, closing our eyes, and placing our awareness on our solar plexus.  I want you to be present to that aspect of yourself for several moments and to be aware of what you sense of what you are feeling within yourself as you do that. 

As soon as we start to spend time being present to our body, we will begin to learn so much more about ourselves.  When we begin to develop that budding sensitivity about who we are, we are also more conscious of what affects us..  when we are with our friends, — how do we feel, when we with family, and specific family members, and also our neighbours.  It is important to our wellbeing to become aware of what changes in our beings when we move around during our day, whether we are doing grocery shopping, or other shopping, as well as the different feelings we may begin to experience as we are involved in our homes, for instance, when we are in the kitchen cooking breakfast, vs when we are getting breakfast outside our homes.  You will begin to become acutely aware of how these choices impact us energetically.

We can also begin to become aware of how our chosen entertainment affects us.  Films, music, sports, games.. You may indeed begin to feel energized when you are near some people, and feel drained when with others; to feel sad with some forms of entertainment and to feel joyous and energized with others.   The important part of this awareness initially is to begin to understand how we have choices. 

When I was initially aware of the impact the energy of others could have on me, I realized that I could be so affected that I would make a decision because the person next to me wanted me to do so.  I began to understand how important it was for me to find and use tools to change that result, for me to learn techniques to manage my energy therefore my choices and my life.  I found really important ways to help me with that, and I began feel like a different person, and the way others in my life began responding to me provided evidence that my awareness and my choices were affecting my capacity to manage my energy field was creating shifts that would henceforth change my relationships with everyone in my world, as well as those who were attracted to me based on the energy and information I was giving out. 

I remember one client who had learned these tools, and had been chronically affected by the person who worked in the same therapy space with a short turn around time between their turns.  It was quite common for her to arrive to use the space, and to have her scheduled client in the waiting area and the other practitioner was still in the therapy room with her client.  In the former mode of dealing with clients, she would need to wait until the other person came out of the space and created the shift.  After we worked together, it was possible for her to energetically clear the space before she left home, and by the time she arrived at her office, the first practitioner was already gone.  I remember her saying how  much easier it was than have the conversation would have been.

I have other instances where I could create change energetically, and totally change the dynamic in a relationship by simply working with the energy.

I’m wanting you to begin pondering as you go through your day, how working with these tools could begin to create shifts in your life and the lives of those around you.

You may want to create you list of situations you would like to change and bring it with you to the next presentation, and I’ll have some input for you during the rest of the weeks you will be here for these presentations.

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