Divine Order: Acceptance and Gratitude

I really like this Divine Order thing, and now I am understanding a bit more about what has been happening to me over the last month. To sum it up quite succinctly I’ll just write about what has happened in the last 5 minutes here in my snowy driveway. I’ve been shovelling a bit at a time since early yesterday morning, as I’m finding the snow heavy and tiring. As I went back out through my door with my shovel to break up the heavy snow that has become a bit packed down, the plough came along, and pulled up to my garage door, lowered his blade and backed up. Voila, snow is all gone and it’s out on the street where the front end loader will take it away. I am so grateful for this and once again, realized how important ‘right timing’ really is. I’ve been getting this lesson repeatedly over the last month and realize how much we try to get it ‘done’ ahead of time, how the concept that ‘time is money’ is really quite out of alignment often, with who we are, and acceptance of things and trusting that all is in ‘Divine Order’ really is where we need to be at this time on the planet… Joy! Joy!!! Joy!! My driveway is clear.. I’m so very grateful…

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