Degeneration to Regeneration: Hands-On Healing and Compassionate Communication: Reconnecting with the Life Force

 Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch Therapy Practitioner/Instructor,    Empathic Life Coach

Recently, I’ve discovered how important it is to clear our old issues in order to experience a long life[i] of high level wellness and happiness. Following the death of three family members over a 5-week period at Christmas time, I felt myself going into a downward spiral of anger and sadness over past events that had not been fully dealt with earlier, and healed. I know as an energy healer, that these events affect us at both the physical and emotional levels, remain in our body at a cellular memory creating havoc in our relationships and in our ability to have the natural success in our lives until they are healed, if ever. Most people take these memories to their graves, and probably make that journey earlier than would have been necessary had the healing taken place earlier in life.

Until personally experiencing and beginning to fully grasp how this phenomena works in our bodies, I had not realized how much our old history could impact on our present. Carolyn Myss says that we are all living history books. In her book “Anatomy of the Spirit”, she speaks of our “biography becoming our biology” when the little troubles, big traumas and every thought that we have during our normal life span, takes up residence and lives in our bodies affecting our life force energy by creating energy blockages. Generally the actual memory of the trauma is no longer available, however, as we begin to work in the area of healing trouble spots in our bodies with Quantum-Touch therapy it is fully possible for the physical memories either as a mental memory, or the release of a physical memory, as our bodies may shake, or respond in some other way, with sometimes much emotional release.

Further to the hands-on healing process, self-empathy, a process wherein we use work with connecting to our feelings and needs, initially in the present moment, and then as the physical memories emerge, at the time the trauma occurred has provided another tool for self-healing, or for working with clients to assist them in reconnecting to the present where the old memory resides, and in reconnecting to where the old memory may continue to present in the body.

These two modalities are incredibly simple, yet unbelievably profound as they provide for clients the possibility to work on their own, or with a practitioner to heal at the deepest level possible, and to achieve wellness and wholeness. As these memories release, clients feel liberated from some unknown thing, often experienced as a dark force, or some vice grip in their bodies, or simply a subtle force that prevents them from gaining success at their chosen work, just limiting what they attain, and causing much frustration.

Once they experience the liberation, they seem to de-age, they may look younger, act and feel younger, and have a lot of physical energy. Life can take on a brand new focus, projects that previously seemed impossible to undertake, now begin to move forward, and the creativity and energy to pursue these projects is readily available as elders bring into the present, their wisdom, their years of learning and patience not always present at in those earlier years.

I’ve worked extensively with Barbara Marx Hubbard, world renowned visionary and author of Conscious Evolution and Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence, who at 82 years of age, has been busy presenting programs connected to our future potential in the creation of our new world following those earth changing events of December 2012.

New energy as we heal those impediments to our health, actually can provide us with what we need to experience productive and exciting years well into the future.

Aileen M. McKenna is a Certified QT Instructor and Practitioner, certified as the first Canadian     instructor in June 2004. She has taught classes to 1,000s of students across Canada, in the Caribbean and Scotland and sees 100s of clients annually in her private clinic in Ottawa. Aileen has been offering energy healing in the Ottawa area for more than 20 years, initially with Polarity therapy and Cranio-Sacral prior to learning Quantum-Touch® therapy. You can reach her at 613-228-2272, or by e-mail at or you can check out her website at, her blogsite at and the Quantum-Touch website at

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