Coaching with Empathy

I am so much enjoying the new coaching training I’m learning with Francois Beausoleil.  Using a combination of NVC, NLP, Silva I am finding this work to be highly effective from the very first teleclass in which I participated.  I used it with just a few people, and results are  already successful.  I’m using the key questions for myself to help me to understand how I create my life, and I’m feeling really positive with the outcome I am sensing taking place within my being…my consiousness.  The empathy calls available in the audio portion are helpful and educational, helping me to understand the process as well as to begin creaating the changes and insight within myself.

As a practitioner of Quantum-Touch therapy, I understand the need to envision the healthy self, the self in the state of perfect health in all ways, including a healthy body, mind and spirit, as well as a healthy life with all the things around us that we could aspire to ttain.  Coaching with Empathy is taking me to that place where I will help my clients to see their future in this way as well.

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