Coaching and Quantum-Touch Therapy in 2020

Aileen McKenna

45 mins ยท 

December 31st, at 5:00 am… why do I need to be up this early? I guess I’m needing to be up to reflect upon the last 12 months of my life and get ready for tomorrow morning when I’ll be looking forward with great anticipation to the next 12 months.
This past 12 months have been amazing. I’ve become a LoA Life Coach, and as such I’ve been working on changing the work I’m doing as a QT instructor and practitioner as well as I’m preparing of offer several different programs.
I’m changing how I’m doing the Healing Circles for students, both the phyical Healing Circle which is now more about having students working in pairs and giving each other a session, just as they would be doing when working with an individual client.
And I’ve decided to do a Virtual Healing Circle where we connect, the students and myself, who are living at a distance from each other, or who cannot be present to the physical Healing Circle, through the use of ZOOM and each student will be working with someone of their choice in their own space, either a clients, family member, plant, or pet, or they may be doing Distant Healing with someone during their session online.
These are such amazing shifts and I’m going to be into this next week, as the new year begins.
And I’m developing the Law of Attraction Coaching Program for Instructors and Practitioners, to develop greater ways to have successes in their practitices through the use of the many coaching tools in the Law of Attraction protocols. I’ll be offering this within the next month or so, and it will be a 6 month program with no more than 10 participants in the first offering.
So, why am I up at 5:00 am…. I’m so full of energy, and inspiration that i really can’t spend any more time in bed this morning.
I will be doing my 7:00 am Distant Healing session, my last one in 2019, and then I’ll be giving thanks for all this wonderful work I do, and these amazing opportunities I have to build this very exciting life for myself, and to provide for others a similar opportunity…..

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