Attracting your Perfect Clients

This morning as I’m preparing for the new year, I’m focussing on my coaching program for instructors and practitioners of Quantum-Touch Therapy. I’m focussin this morning on the piece of this work that is dedicated to attracting the perfect clients.
Those perfect clients will be those who are really drawn to your work, the aspect of that work that is specifically yours. The quality of your input, and the care that you dedicate to your work.
They are always on time for their sessions, and they always tell you how much they appreciate whate you do. They tell all their friends about the value of your work, and how much they have benefitted from the time they spend with you.
They are the clients who want to pay you for the work you do, and they will pay you in advance of their sessions, and would pay you double what you currently charge, if that is what you would desire.
I love this work, and bringing it to others who are doing this work as well, will ensure that everyone who is interested in being involved with this coaching program with me, will be living with peace, abundance, and more clients than they can schedule into their practices.
If anyone would like to know more about this work, please check out my website at… and at .. to learn more about my work.

We welcome you to an environment where wellbeing, inspiration, joy, empowerment and harmony are the focus of our work. We work with clients at the individual level, in the immediate community and the greater world.


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