AT a Quantum-Touch therapy Workshop — sharing with a big white Samoyed

Just completed our first day of our 2-day Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I workshop. I’m saying often these days that no one who comes to the training is a novice. They all seem to have it all before I share the various components, and the practice sessions are amazing.

We had an extra treat at the end of the day, when the brother of one participant came to pick her up in the car, with a beautiful big Samoyed doggie who clearly knew who I was immediately. He just came to me an leaned against my knees. And of course, I worked on him for the full time he was there. He greeted everyone as they left the house, but he clearly wanted me to work with him. What a wonderful experience with this lovely big white being…A real gift at the end of the day.

Animals are so very receptive and I clearly love them enormously.

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