10 Steps to Create Your Best 10 Years Ever

Attracting Perfect clients

When we begin to consider having our own businesses following years, perhaps of working where our clients came to us through another avenue, such as being prescribed, or as in other fields, we are contacted because we are the only specialist in that field.  When we have spent some time in our own business, we begin to realize that some of our clients are perfect for the service we offer, and others don’t seem to fit with our way of doing our work.

What you may ask, is the difference between how the clients who come to us and seem to be fully on board and overjoyed at being able to work with us, and those who seem to want to see us, however, there also seems to be an inner battle within them about exactly how we do our work, our hours, the length of time for appointments and most of all, the exchange in our interactions where the amount we charge for our services, is always an issue.

I’ve come to that place within myself and my work, where I understand that every client who is attracted to my work, is a perfect client and comes to see me because they basically share our core values, thereby fully appreciating and valuing each and every aspect of our work.

I’ve learned that when we take time early on in our work life to examine our core values, to construct a personal mission statement and to then write a mission statement for our businesses, we will begin to fully understand how the Law of Attraction works, in that when we a fully cognizant of who we are, and of the value we offer, we will be very attractive to those perfect clients who recognize, and want to experience only services from my work that in effect, are uniquely mind.

This is part of what I am offering in both my healing work, as well as in my MasterMind program about Transformation.

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