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As I’m working with the material I want to include in the coaching program I’m developing for the practitioners and instructors of Quantum-Touch Therapy, I’m a bit overwhelmed with this memory I had yestday with a coaching call I had with a colleague.

Had an amazing coaching call last night with my coaching buddy, during which I remembered a vision I had a few years ago. When I would meditation, I would go into this little place on the beach, I believe in Australia, or maybe one of the islands, however, I would sit outside my little hut and meditate beside the sea. I had a guide who would approach me from the right side, and usually he would just be with me.

On the day of this vision, I was wanting to know what I was to be doing, and when my guide approached (I now know that he was Jesus, and he wore a long robe, and carried a big staff (or stick). So, I was asking questions, and he just kept walking, without responding. We walked along the beach a long way, and then there appeared this massive marble curved staircase that just went up into the beyond. My guide just walked up the staircase, and I followed, but I was complaining and asking where we were going, etc all the time.

When we reached the top, there was nothing but open space. It didn’t actually lead us to anything that I could recognise. So, I started to ask, where are we going… He simply asked me what I could see. So I could see the see beyond, and there was a little whirlpool where I would receive images, but he asked me to look further, to look higher. So, I responded that I would see the stars, and the moon, and all the planets, and other galaxies. So, he asked me if I could imagine what would happen if one of those planets became impatient, and started to try to speed up, or to change direction, or in some other way to change what it had been doing. Of course, I could imagine that it would cause chaos, and when I said that, my guide simply responded, “Exactly”.

Then he asked me to take a step off that top step. Of course, I said no way, I’ll fall, etc. So, he stepped off that step, and stood suspended for a few moments, and then he reached out to take my hand, and again, I resisted. He reached out again, and this time I reached for his hand, and took a step, and he was gone, but I stood there totally safe and suspended in space just away from the staircase.

The next thing I knew was that I was back sitting outside my little cabin on the beach, but I knew that there things I needed to be doing, and that timing was of the essence. It would all happen in its perfect timing, and I needed to just go where I felt drawn, and to keep on taking those brave steps, and when I did with faith and trust, it was actually being created for me just as I needed it, and would provide whatever I needed.

Such an amazing feeling to know that all is well and in its perfect order. So, as I’m working on my group coaching program, and at times I’m a bit frustrating as I keep finding more aspects to what I’m developing.

So, I’m going forward in faith and inspiration knowing that all is in order…Thank you Christy for your work…

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