ACE – Agents of Conscious Evolution

Agents for Conscious Evolution training has been completed and I am getting ready to offer gatherings in two hour meetings for discussions on the possibilities for December 21st, 2012.  As we listen to the news each day we have evidence that our world is rapidly changing with the economic situations and weather patterns sending shockwaves through the world as we know we will never be returning to that old way of being.   Several years ago I offered workshops on 2012, entitled “2012” What’s all the Fuss About.  This workshop will be offered again with the new information from the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard.  What we you think about what’s happening here on planet Earth.

Gatherings to explore the possibilities and potentials to our new way of being, changing memes and increased vibration of the planet creates an interesting situation as we go along in our daily lives experiencing the many different emotions possible as we don’t really know what to think or how to feel.

Are you interested in gathering with others sharing your concerns for what is happening?




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