50+ years of Pain and Misalignment – Gone with Quantum-Touch

by Aileen McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch therapy
Instructor/Practitioner, October, 2005



On that memorable Wednesday morning, June
1st, 2005, a small group of Quantum-Touch healers gathered at the Healing Circle to
work on my left ankle.  I had fallen down
icy stairs two years ago and had fractured the left ankle on both the outside
and inside, requiring surgery during which a 4 – inch plate and 2 screws were
inserted on the outside and 2 one inch pins on the inside of the ankle.  On May 30th, I had returned to the
hospital to the day surgery to have all the metal removed.  This small and powerful group of healers
arrive came to my house to perform their regular miracles.  This little group worked not only on the left
ankle, but also on my right foot, right and left hips and the heart/solar
plexus areas for nearly 2 hours.
Throughout the session I was aware of pain and trauma releasing from my
body.  This was the second session during
which I felt the trauma coming off my leg.
The evening before, the Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m., a newly certified
practitioner sent distance healing to me for a half hour.  As soon as I relaxed on the couch at 6:00 pm,
I could feel the energy moving rapidly through my body and the shock releasing
from my ankle.  This continued for the
entire ½ of that distance healing session.
On the Thursday morning, as I
walked with my dog, I was aware that the swelling was almost gone, and that my
right foot (not the one with the metal) was moving as feet are supposed to
move, and that the almost constant pain in the sacroiliac joint in my back was
gone.  Two weeks later, while presenting
QT at a workshop in Thunder Bay, Ontario, I turned to the class to show them my
usually misaligned hips and you can imagine my surprise when they reported that
my IS bones were actually perfectly aligned—–probably for the first time in
more than 50 years.  These bones had been
realigned often in the past, but they would not sustain that level of
structural change for more than a day or two.


Historical Data


One evening at
the end of November, 1952, at approximately 6:30 p.m. the car in which I was a
rear seat passenger traveling to church with my family was struck on the left
rear by a highway bus.  Although no one
had life threatening injuries from this experience, the car was demolished and
I was left with a numb spot on the inside of my left knee which remains numb to
this day.  In March, 1953, four months
after the accident, I began to walk in a manner that favoured my left leg due
to pain radiating from my back.  In 1953,
the fear of polio was rampant — so I was admitted to hospital, subjected to
numerous tests, including a lumbar puncture, and released 2 weeks later in a
body cast.  Included in the category of
physician who examined me was a psychiatrist (I discovered later while checking
on personnel in local hospitals when he was the head of psychiatry).  Interestingly, no one connected this left leg
anomaly to the car accident I had been involved in four months earlier and in
which my mother had been seriously injured.
The body cast was removed after 2 weeks and I assume it was decided that
my experience of pain was psychosomatic and therefore nonexistent.  Although the message was never verbalized, it
was loud and clear that from then on no one would hear me if I complained.  I was 10 years old.


In 1955 I had a party at my home.  Some of you will remember jiving and how
physically aggressive it could be.  Well,
I was dancing with a friend when I twisted and fell, tripping my friend on the
way down.  She fell on top of my right


My strongest memory of this incident was the
fear of telling my family that I had been hurt.
In the morning I was taken to the family country doctor and then sent to
a doctor in the city for an x-ray.  We
were assured that my ankle was not broken and although I attempted to explain
that it was not the ankle but the foot that hurt, I was not heard, but rather was
put in a full leg cast for several weeks and then declared healed.  My foot continues to be crooked and


I have since discovered that what actually
occurred was that the instep of the right foot had been stressed and had
collapsed, wherein the metatarsals were no longer forming an arch, rather they
were collapsed inward.  Walking has often
been very painful, but through these two instances I learned to not feel the
pain.  I did however, walk with a slight
limp as the movement of my foot while taking a step was from the heel toward
the instep and then outward towards the ball of my foot, rather than the way feet
normally move which is directly from the heel rolling toward the ball of the
foot.  This causes my whole body to
wobble slightly as I walked.




I have traced these injuries in the context
of my body pain and misalignment while learning polarity and craniosacral
therapies. It seems that the blow to the left side of my body in 1952 during
the bus accident,  propelled me forward
and to the right where my knee struck the edge of the back of the passenger’s
seat.  We were in the car like sardines
with my three older sibs in the front, and my parents and younger sister in the
back seat.  These were the days before
seat belts and the cars were made of very solid material.  This blow to the knee, leaving permanent
numbness, would have carried up through and jammed the femur (thigh bone) into the
hip joint.  That hip joint has subsequently
tested with reduced bone density in recent years.  The jamming has been observed by a student
gifted with the ability to see and sense what is going on in the body while we
were studying craniosacral therapy together.
The inguinal ligament on the left side has always prominent and
rigid.  While studying polarity therapy, during
the classes on correcting misalignments in the pelvis, it was observed by my
instructor that my pelvis was torqued, meaning that it is twisted and therefore
more forward and higher on the right side and more to the back and lower on the
left side.  These observations have been
confirmed many times over by various practitioners while working on my back. For
many years I had an S-curve scoliosis beginning in the upper thoracic
area.  This condition has also now been
corrected with Quantum-Touch therapy.






Repercussions of Denial of Body Cues


During the 53 years since that first
accident, there have been some clues that revealed to me that I was denying the
pain in my body.  I have carried and
given birth to 7 children….healthy babies, normal pregnancies, but I remember
wondering at one point when I should tell my doctor about the pain in my
back.  On another occasion, while being
treated by a doctor for numbness in my left arm I was refused further treatment
because of my lack of awareness to the amount of pain I should have been
experiencing due to the condition of my back, and he feared that his treatment
could be causing damage of which I would be unaware.


Gradually, over the years of bodywork
training, many of these issues and the related emotional pain have been
resolved.  I have been fortunate to have had
many skilled practitioners in my life.  The
greatest of these issues was that of not trusting my own body cues in spite of
the amount of the pain.  Because a
‘professional’ medical practitioner when I was 10 years old considered that I was
making up the pain to get attention or some such reason, my pain was ignored
and denied and I learned to deny the pain as well.  Over the years this has had physical and
emotional repercussions.



Now, thanks to Quantum-Touch and those
wonderful healing angels at the healing circle that memorable morning, my
incisions on my left ankle have now almost totally healed.  My left leg, which has always been larger
than the right one, is now almost the same size, and I am able to walk almost
normally on the right foot and my back is no longer in pain. I’ve tell students
in Quantum-Touch classes that as they spend more time in the place of higher
vibration old life issues will be presented for resolution, for we cannot live
with a high vibration without being healed on all levels.  I also believe that we choose to incarnate on
this planet to release old karmic patterns by reliving them and using those tools
of resolution as teaching tools for others.
Therefore, I rejoice at the opportunity I have been given to share and
resolve those underlying issues of my soul’s journey.


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