10 Steps to Creating the Best 10 Years Ever

Imagine Your Life as you would like it to be. Imagine for a few moments your perfect business. If you are working with clients in a one-on-one work, such as coaching, I would like you to think about your perfect client, your ideal office, your ideal city, ideal part of the province, ideal climate, ideal time of year. Can you imagine how you would feel in that situation? I would like to begin working with you expanding your vision, and to suggest that you that maintaining a record of how it changes over time might be very helpful in creating a greater awareness of the power of your mind in working with these experiences.

To begin, I would like you to spend a few moments thing about your business. Is yours one where you are working with clients individually? Would you consider who your favourite clients might be? When I initially was working with energy, I had been dealing with my own old injuries experienced in an automobile accident approximately 50 years earlier. How would I have experienced my workplace and decor when I was initially being worked with. Is it one where I would feel comfortable? Is the colours in that room subdued and inspiring confidence and relaxation.

The second part of this exercise, it to begin to think about how many clients you would like to see each day, and how long would each client spend with you? How much time will you ensure that you have between clients? Are you planning to have additional time at the beginning, in the first session to ensure that you have time to gather information as well as to provide a wonderful relaxation experience as well?

As you will spend time going through this aspect of beginning your work on imagining your business and seeing your early clients, it will soon become clear that you will feel the reality of the situation beginning to occur.

I suggest that we leave this for today, and I’ll be back another day to share some next steps in this process of Creating Your Best 10 Years Ever.

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