10 Steps to Create Your Best 10 Years Ever

A business building coaching program based upon the principles from the

Law of Attraction

developed specifically for Quantum-Touch Therapy Practitioners and Instructors

Beautiful and effective coaching program for Practitioners and Instructors of Quantum-Touch Therapy to help them to provide for themselves a highly sustainable lifestyle as they help their clients to live with improved wellness, skills to reduce pain in their bodies, enhanced sleep and a greater sense of satisfaction in their lives day to day.

I have learned that when we start a business such as a Quantum-Touch Therapy energy healing business, we will become involved with the use of imagination and vibration to create what we image and create the feelings of fully being in the middle of this successful business. We will learn how to fully embody what that business will look like and how it will feel like from the building where you will offer your training, the street, the colours of the building outside, to the inside of the building including the room where you do your work, the entrance, the parking area, the size of the building, where the windows are, colours of the walls, the lighting, how you will organize your various rooms, a place to wait, the wash rooms, your table to work with clients, your office desk, chairs, and all the other little and large details.

What I have learned is that the more detail you can bring your imagined business, you are in effect bringing this business closer to your todays reality.

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