10 Steps to Create the Best 10 Years Ever

To begin, I want all students to have a strong image of their business. If it exists, I’d like you to have a description, and if isn’t yet in place, then I’d like students to begin describing their business. You see, you are going to develop your business intentionally, by fully choosing what you want in your business, and consciously putting it together.

One of the first questions I’ll as you to consider would be ‘What do you want?’ and I mean what do you really, really want. I’ll want you to think about what you want your business to represent to you. How will it look, how large will it be, in terms of your office, studio space. Then how many days per week do you work, and what are your office hours. All the details will be important to fully begin to design your perfect business for you at this time.

We’ll schedule the weekly Zoom calls, and get you to truly commit to planning and intending what your business will provide for your wellbeing, physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial.

I’ll be back to write about the second class tomorrow…..

To register for this wonderful 10 month program, please send me an e-mail at aileen@aileensoasis.com

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