How to Live our Best Lives by Understanding Energy and How to Use this Innate Part of us

I’m planning to offer a FB Live each Friday morning over the next 16 weeks on living and working with energy. Energy is an innate aspect of us physical beings, and in fact it is the part of us that will always be, and that can offer us the possibility of managing our lives in a much more effective manner.

As a Life Coach and hands-on healer working with creating the environment where transitions and transformations are a constant in our world, we can focus on having the best lives possible. We have the potential to live in high level wellness always, and as we read in the beginning of the Quantum-Touch Therapy book ‘We are Hard wired for Wellness’, we truly can live in high level wellness into our 8th decade and beyond.

Next Friday morning, Week one – October 15th, Working With Energy will be the topic as I introduce you to how powerfully you can impact your life as you learn to work with this amazing part of you.

Aileen McKenna, Aileen’s Oasis

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Wellness Unlimited and Coaching

When I initially registered this domain name “Wellness Unlimited” and decided to use this site for my own book, I knew that it was about getting well, and being healthier and more inspired than I’d felt in the past. Little did I know that there was more to it than I could ever have imagined at that moment. My book, entitled “Living with Extraordinary Wellness into your Eighth Decade and Beyond”, is the story of my life and the journey I made from being very unwell, and unhappy to where I am now, and that is highly motivated, wonderfully healthy and well, and more happy and satisfied with my life and myself than I could have ever imagined. In retrospect, my journey has been interesting, inspiring and a lot of fun. At the time, most of it just seemed to be about keeping on, pushing myself a bit more to find the answers, and trying more things to see what might work. In the end, I suppose that it was all of those steps I took, all of the above that brought me to this place, as I feel as if I’ve left no stone unturned. I’ve not left anything untried, no matter how difficult it seemed to be, or how much it would cost me, or the time that it would take. If it seemed to be worthwhile, I was into it.

Now I would like to share a bit of that journey with you, and I’ll be sharing bits more each week for the next few months, as I also deliver “Facebook Lives” videos for your information. And now I’m going to share a bit of how I made my decision as to where to begin with my writing in the context of the journey to wellness and where and when that decision was made.

I grew up without feeling that I had much personal power. It was very confusing, as I seemed to constantly be disempowered by those around me, and to know that if I didn’t follow that set of rules that I’d be banished, and perhaps disowned and maybe even annihilated. What that would have meant, I had no idea but there was some vague fear of that happening, enough so that I would always try to do what was expected of me, without being able to stand up for myself, or even to physically and emotionally take care of myself. It was an extremely difficult time, however, I now understand how important that time was in my getting myself to that place where I would start to turn it all around.

The journey continues next week……

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The Desire Factor

Recently, I’ve become a Certified Desire Factor Coach. This delightful coaching practice is powerful, effective and state of the art of the coaching world. From the moment I started reading the book, I knew that this was my next work, and now I’m doing it, offering a series of 8 powerful sessions to those clients who are finding their best life through working with the most effective coaches.

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Judith and Her Journey to Wellness

Judith Mahoney and her Journey to wellness

I am very excited about sharing my personal journey back to health. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukaemia, the oncologist treating me at the time scheduled me for immediate chemotherapy, starting within three weeks.
Having a healthy fear of the standard methods used in cancer treatment and a basic understand of energy work, I decided not to do the treatment.

Fast forward ten years, I have tried many different holistic treatments over the years which have kept me in reasonable health, but never able to reduce my blood levels below ‘ high’ in the critical areas or increase my energy level or overall health.

Ten months ago, a dear friend gave me a gift of sessions for Quantum-Touch therapy with Aileen. After bi monthly sessions, my blood work has shown significant improvement, my energy level and overall health has greatly improved. My current oncologist is amazed at my recent progress after all the years and is considering that after the next review appointment, I may not have to continue being a patient of the cancer clinic.

I am fortunate in having been previously exposed to energy work and to have worked out the fear associated with serious illness. My working with Aileen was very natural and so beneficial, I am blessed that life presented me with such a skilled and accomplished practitioner. My goal is to return all my blood levels to normal and to live a very long and healthy life.

The levels of life threatening illnesses are increasing every year, current medical treatments are failing in most cases, it is time for serious consideration of alternative methods.

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Law of Attraction Coaching and Clearing Old Memories

How many years have I been working on releasing old memories and the unpleasant encounters I’ve had with people from my life from long ago. It seems that the time I’ve been spending alone during this pandemic while I’m here and not doing my regular working tasks, I’ve had a lot more time for memories to emerge.

Last weekend I was teaching a Quantum-Touch therapy Level I class using Zoom, and as I was teaching how we can use some of our Distant Healing tools to allow us to clear issues from the past. I’ve done many of these processes in the past, since I’ve been teaching Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I for 17 years, however, I had a result about an old memory that surprised, me as I’ve already done work with this relationship and used forgiveness techniques, however, as I was getting into the technique, suddenly this face was right beside me, and I knew that I needed to take that step at that moment. I did so, and felt liberated in a way that I’d not in the past.

So, this morning as I’m doing some of my Coaching techniques and making choices for my future, I realized that my capacity to choose a greater future, an unlimited future without parameters, I could make that choice something I’d not been able to do in the past.

My conclusion was that by having been able to forgive that person from my past, I was now able to imagine and aspire to this unlimited future without any doubts nor obstacles between me and that future. I am feeling totally liberated and free to get on with my life, my unlimited life.

I’m so grateful for this work that I do, and those who have chosen to use this work, and to teach us to use it both in our own lives as well as to use it in Quantum-Touch Therapy as well as my coaching practice. It absolutely works like magic, creating lives that we would not otherwise have believed possible.

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Life as an Energy Being

This morning as I’m pondering what is happening in my world, and the essay from Caroline Myss that I shared yesterday, I’m more and more aware of how much I need to share what I’ve learned over these many years about energy. When I initially became involved in energy healing, I didn’t quite grasp how important it was to ‘get’ it. This morning as I’m sitting here, I’m aware of how much Richard’s initial on Quantum-Touch therapy held the truth for us all to grasp. It’s always funny for me to understand how much something so important, so simple, and so available, can seem to be so difficult to grasp, and maybe that’s the issue.I’m remembering in one of the early pages this quote, “We are hardwired for wellness.” Who knew what that meant. Do we fully grasp it now? I know that I am becoming more and more tuned into that truism, but I can still forget what it means and think about the unpleasant events in our lives, and allow a bit of fear, or anger seep in. Mostly I just feel sad when I witness such events. However, to refer back to the essay from Caroline, those events we witnessed on Thursday, and this pandemic, are truly a reflection of where we are on the emotional scale that is the basis for our wellness and for our capacity to take care of ourselves. For the more we allow ourselves to be influenced by those who have negative attitudes, fearful thoughts, and to feel that violence is the answer to a peaceful life, the less and less we are able to be well, to live in the high level wellness that we all desire, and to have a life of joy, peace and goodwill. Our thoughts surely are the indicator of our wellness. It is our thoughts that help us to experience that innate aspect of us that part that takes care of our ‘hardwiredness for wellness’. Another aspect of this that I know to be true and that often eludes me is that ‘Everything is energy’. It is only by fully grasping this concept that we can change our way of dealing with the greater world. When we fully get that ‘everything is energy’ then we can grasp how our thoughts and attitudes affect not only our own wellness, but also our relationships. If I’m always angry, or feeling frustrated with others, then I’m going to be experiencing those same attitudes back from others. It’s not necessarily an easy concept to grasp, but as soon as we start to play around with that possibility we can begin to feel how true it is, and how much we can change our lives when we begin to live in this way. Our lives are not intended to be difficult, and we where never intended to be sick and to need to spend long periods of time recovering from illnesses, however, as long as we hold the vibration of anger, frustration, the need for control and fear, we will continue to have these experiences. I live in a community of peace and basic tranquility, for which I am eternally grateful. I can grow my plants, and my food if I choose, and I shovel my snow, collect rain water in my rain barrel, and in general just have my life. I understand that not everyone can have these experiences, and I know that my life was not always this calm, however, I do know how much I needed to change my thoughts and attitudes when I realized that I was unwell, and in pain and destined to have a short, painful future. The need to understand all these concepts I’ve mentioned took me a very long time, and I needed to travel to study, and to spend a lot of money getting the lessons I needed, however, I’m here now, and I’m so very grateful that I am, as it has been a very gratifying journey, full of inspiration and lessons of joy. WOW!! I hadn’t expected to share quite this much, however that’s where I am, and maybe I’ll copy this and put it in my blogsite for more of the world to see. Thank you for reading where I am today.LikeCommentShare

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Good morning 2021

I am so into getting into ts new year. So many of my aspirations and projects are planned for 2021. I’m planning to be certified as a Desire Factor Coach, as well as to offer more Quantum-Touch Therapy trainings, as I’ll be certified to teach Quantum-Touch Level II as well as the Super Charging workshop. These are the most amazing energy healing processes you can imagine, expanding anything we have ever considered possible as human beings.

We have been taught that we can only learn in institutions of learning where we learn what someone else has already discovered. In actual fact, when we begin to grasp and to experience working with our own energy, we start to come to terms with how powerful we really are as human beings. We are basically unlimited beings, and we control what we are able to create and to do by using our breath and our thoughts, our imagination.

This year, 2021, I’m planning to spend a lot more time teaching others to experience this in their own lives, as well as teaching about those skills I’ve been using for many years, and now I need to share with others.

I’m also planning to do more Law of Attraction coaching helping others to begin to find their way out of what they may consider to be stuck places, what we often refer to as ‘ruts’. We are basically limited by our own concept of what is possible, and when we begin to grasp a sense of our own power, and to begin to delve into those big ideas, those ‘pie in the sky’ dreams that we have always considered to be simply dreams, we start to experience the manifestation of those big dreams. As we begin to trust that what we are learning, and to focus daily on those big dreams, we start to experience changes that we witness how much is possible when we trust and focus upon what we do want, rather than what we don’t want.

As I spend time today, January 1st, 2021, focussing on my plans for this year, and indeed sketching it out on a spreadsheet, and developing a plan, I’m feeling the energy, feeling those big ideas beginning to manifest as the images of those goals produces results consistently as I spend time daily with those goals.

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Quantum-Touch Therapy: Working with Joints

This morning I’ve been thinking about the clients I’ve seen over the years, in the context of my most recent client who had some pain in her feet, specifically in one big toe joint on the left foot, and a bone spur on the right foot between the 2nd and 3rd toes. I had begun to work on her feet, with a foot massage, and ended up running energy into those two areas on her feet. At the end of the session when she stood up, I asked how her feet felt, and there was pain in both of these areas. That reminded of another client I worked with some years ago, who had a lot of pain in joints all over her body.

This client, who came to my studio about 7 years ago, had severe in her left shoulder so that she could not longer do many of the activities she had been doing for many years. She had been a prolific athlete, playing several games of tennis per day, and lap swimming each week at a local pool.

When she arrived at my studio, she had stopped all these activities as she had hurt her shoulder, and was actually not able to do much. As I worked with her, initially intensely on both shoulders, she was gradually able to return to her tennis games, and eventually her swimming. However, as I worked on her joints, throughout her body, I became aware of the joints on her feet. I noticed that there were large ‘bunions’ on each big toe, and these were subsequently shifting the placement of all the toe joints.

I started to work on each toe joint, beginning with the big toe, and moving across the foot. The astonishing thing that occured during this process was that all the joints in her body started to hurt again. For several visits, when I worked on the toe joints, the rest of her body would hurt. Of course, this didn’t last for long, however it was quite a revelation to me, that those joints would create so much discomfort throughout the body. I would continue to work on her entire body until she was back doing all her swimming and tennis playing and the joints in her feet were now returning to their normal size and place in her foot.

When we begin to work with a client, we will never fully know what is happening in their bodies at the beginning. It is important to take the time and energy to build up a relationship with our clients to work with them over a period of time to get to the bottom of the issues, and therefore, to assist them in getting into that place of perfect health, where they can continue to do all their chosen activities into their later years.

You can see more about my work with Quantum-Touch Therapy at ..

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10 Steps to Create the Best 10 Years Ever

To begin, I want all students to have a strong image of their business. If it exists, I’d like you to have a description, and if isn’t yet in place, then I’d like students to begin describing their business. You see, you are going to develop your business intentionally, by fully choosing what you want in your business, and consciously putting it together.

One of the first questions I’ll as you to consider would be ‘What do you want?’ and I mean what do you really, really want. I’ll want you to think about what you want your business to represent to you. How will it look, how large will it be, in terms of your office, studio space. Then how many days per week do you work, and what are your office hours. All the details will be important to fully begin to design your perfect business for you at this time.

We’ll schedule the weekly Zoom calls, and get you to truly commit to planning and intending what your business will provide for your wellbeing, physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial.

I’ll be back to write about the second class tomorrow…..

To register for this wonderful 10 month program, please send me an e-mail at

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Quantum-Touch Therapy Virtual Workshop

I am in the midst of teaching my first Virtual Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I class. I’ve offered the Energy Boost workshop several times, and enjoyed doing that, however, I’d not been certain that I would do the full 2 day class. And now that I’m just 3 hours away from the completion of this class, I’m absolutely sold on doing my workshops in future, by using ZOOM.
I’ve been doing Distant Healing for many years, and I do it in the old fashioned way, and I intend to continue to doing Distant Healing sessions that way. However, in my Virtual class room, students are doing sessions with one another across the ether. They are each in their own homes (due to the pandemic and social distancing requirements), However, they are practicing on each other during their practice sessions. In fact, we are sometimes practicing with three students working on one student.
I’m totally impressed with how aware everyone is and how effective the practice is proving to be when we are seeing each other on the screen, and the work is totally done at a distance. And I’m now committing to offering more Energy Boost events, and certainly the Level I class being offered over 4 days, to eliminate the intensity of the screen time.
My goals for teaching many people Quantum-Touch, and helping students to become highly effective practitioners, is now back on track, after feeling sidelined by the pandemic. I’m in line for my big goal of bringing many more people into this powerful energy healing modality. In fact, yesterday, we were working with the immune system. We worked with the endocrine and lymphatic systems that are the basis for the immune system, and as we know, a strong immune system is the best safeguard against any illness including viruses.

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