Working with Vision Boards

I’m working on creating workshops where we will be developing VisionBoards to help those wanting to create the life they choose to live.  If this inspires interest in you, you may be interested in how I came to this process as a means of creating what I wanted to having in my life.

To begin, I’ve known about working with images and visualization as a means of creating what I wanted in my life since I was in a group therapy session in the 1980s.  It was at this time when I understood that we can use our imagery and emotion to generate results, and the most impactful event was the young gymnast from USSR who won the gold at the Olympics had used these techniques as a part of her training.  The way I remember this coming to my awareness, was that part of her training was spent in a small cubicle, such as a closet, where she would curl up in a ball, and imagine herself going through her program perfectly.  More recently, we’ve heard that this process has become a major part of the training for high level athletes in the upscaling their capacity to perfect their performances.  In fact, recently, it has been discovered that there is at least as much benefit derived from this process of mentally and emotionally going through the perfect performance, as there is from going through it physically.  In some cases, the benefits of the image work proves to be more effective.

Which brings me to my work here with the VisionBoard process, and my offer for January 12th, 2019, as a means of generating greater satisfaction and success in our lives in the new year.  Just imagine spending time with a small group of people all wanting to do this work with magazines, scissors, paste and construction board to make a wonderful image of all that you would like to have in your life..  for the current year (2019) and the years going forward.

If you are interested in exploring this work further, then just give me a call at 613-228-2272, or an e-mail at … and we can chat and I’ll give you more information on the work I’m developing.

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