VisionBoard Workshop in Ottawa

Vision Boards are a fun way to visualize our dreams by placing them upon a large board so that we can see them and make them more real to us on a daily basis.  I’ve been using this manner of creating my future regularly for at least 20 years.

The manner in which we create our future is by having a sense of how it looks, whether it is a vacation, a new house, a career, relationship, or any other physical aspect of our lives.  The other important aspect of using this method of creating our future is the emotions we feel as we visualize.  Many of us who try these tools use it as something apart from our day to day lives, and don’t truly live as if.

Most of you know Jim Carey.  He learned about this work early in his career, and as he was at that time often paying more than he earned to perform his entertainment evenings.  So, he decided that he would take himself up into the Hollywood hills every night and imagine his life as a highly paid entertainer, and he would not come back to his home until he had fully generated the feelings of making millions of dollars per film.  And before long, he was offered his first role with that kind of contracted amount on it.

I’m working on my future life and living in financial abundance, with international popularity, as well as a loving relationship.  These events are beginning to appear in my daily reality.

I’m also working on having long term high level wellness.  I work on this daily, and I experience my strength in mind and body every moment as I do my hands-on healing work, my Law of Attraction coaching work, and my workshop offerings.  I’m over the moon with the feelings I experience as I work with the images, the feelings, the emotions, and the realities of my life going forward.

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