Quantum-Touch Therapy workshops online

I’ve been teaching Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I workshop as a live workshop since 2004. Now, since we have been affected by this virus, we are starting to offer our Quantum-Touch Therapy workshops using online tools, such as ZOOM and Skype. I’ve been also using the ZOOM technology to hold the Quantum-Touch Therapy Healing Circles, whereby I can participate with my students while sitting at my laptop computer and they are working from their homes as well, at time working with a partner, and sometimes working doing Distant Healing on a friend, on themselves, or perhaps working on the planet, to create healing of the planet, and everyone on the planet, particularly now during this time with a virus that keeps us in our homes.

Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I workshops are a wonderful healing tools available to everyone, and helpful to everyone. Many of my students are already doing ehnergy modalities and have found that Quantum-Touch therapy enhances the results they were experiencing.

Those who are novices to energy healing work, discover that they are able to experience effective results and will be doing so after the first 2 hours of the workshop. During the online workshop, students may be taking the workshop with a member of their family, or a friend, and will be working with them, however, if not, they may be working on their own bodies, and will be aware of change as soon as they begin to learn the various tools.