Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I Training In Ottawa In August

Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I training at the end of August is getting me out and about here in Ottawa on these very hot summer days. I’ve been visiting all the Community Centres throughout Ottawa and surrounding communities, to post my flyers. There seemed to be an openness to have this material on display.

I’m going to visit my local health food stores and other holistic shops in the villages and towns in the 30 mile radius of Ottawa, where these days, there are lots of festivals, and fairs going on. I’ve done these kinds of distribution before, but not for a number of years, so I’m having fun this week visiting all these shops.

And I’m busy developing my new coaching program for fellow Quantum-Touch Instructors, and eventually for Practitioners using Law of Attraction coaching methods. As we all know, Richard used these tools when developing the QT Level I training, so I seems to be totally appropriate to create several MasterMind Groups using these coaching tools to support my fellow instructors and practitioners in finding their best ways to develop higher feelings of abundance with their work.

I’ll be posting all of this onb my website at www.aileensoasis.com.. and of course my Quantum-Touch Level I training info can be found on www.quantumtouch.com ….

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