Quantum-Touch Therapy, Digestion, and Eating Well

Eating healthy food is a fundamental ingredient to our wellness. Together with ingesting food that we know is good for us, and the food group mostly influencing our wellbeing and maintaining our weight is that of the vegetable and fruit area.
However, not only do we need to eat well, processing that food is having a healthy and efficient digestive system whereby the food that is taken in is put through our bodies digestive system in a manner that means it only stays within our body for a day or so, before it is eliminated easily and efficiently.
Regularly, I meet people who are not having this easy and efficient colon action. In fact, having regular bowel movements is not a topic discussed regularly with families, and friends, and most people are surprised when I ask them this question. I will ask this question, if my client has lower back pain, and/or distress in their lower abdomen. Simply working on the lower abdomen is usually the only work I need to do to create a more efficient movement through this system. However, from time to time, I have clients who have been dealing with a problem of impaction for some time, and are experiencing extreme distress in the colon at those points where there is a curve, known anatomically as flextures, where they need extra energetic help. It is always amazing when the situation begins to improve, the movement of fluid and gas through the colon becomes clear, either from sounds that we hear, maybe just the feeling I feel as I hold my hands upon the lower abdomen or most importantly when the client feels the relief within their body and knows that movement is happening, and will be continuing following our session together.
We know that encouraging clients to use vegetables and fruit will help to prevent this situation from recurring.

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