Quantum-Touch: Energy Medicine for the 21st Century

by Aileen McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch therapy
Instructor/Practitioner, published in Tone Magazine, September 2004

Within a few short hours, the participants were assisting each other in releasing long-held pain as healing  sounds of toning developed into a beautiful harmony.  At the end of the day, everyone was amazed at  the results as experienced energy workers and novices alike, learned to produce  highly effective results with just a few hours of training.

 The first live Quantum-Touch class to be held in Ottawa over the weekend of July 17th  and 18th was attended by about 30 people.  This healing modality developed by Richard s seems to be the energy medicine of the future.    Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Founding President  of the American Holistic Medical Association stated that Quantum Touch  appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become  healers.”  Indeed, as one would  observe a class progressing as quickly as the one I was privileged to be part  of, one would have to agree. 

I  discovered Quantum-Touch therapy in October 2002, and attended a live workshop  in Montreal.  As there were no instructors in Ottawa, or
indeed anywhere else in Canada at that time, and I was determined to learn,  practice and to teach this modality, I purchased the video workshop and offered  trainings through the next 18 months as I practiced on willing participants to May of 2004, completing the requirements  for instructor status in order to present workshops in Ottawa. 

The experience of being in a workshop presented by a longtime
instructor, one of the first five trained by Richard Gordon, was most
incredible, and I was aware of the incremental increase in energy from group to  group, with this last group producing an amazingly high vibration in a very  short time.  The classroom was absolutely
electric by Sunday afternoon.

Someone recently shared with me, her opinion that as the year 2012 approaches, and the  planetary vibration increases, learning times will be by necessity speeded  up.  When I studied polarity and  craniosacral therapies in the early 90’s, the time required to complete the  course of study was between 2 to 3 years.   I have been reluctant to undertake such a long term commitment  to  training participants.  However, as the  need for healing at a levels becomes crucial Voila!  along comes Quantum-Touch therapy that allows us to become powerful healers in just a few hours.  The very idea of observing occipital bones  correct themselves in an instant, and the hip bones move to realignment within  5 – 10 minutes with a light touch, seems to be just too much to believe.  However, when these phenomena are observed,
as I have observed them, the experience is validated, as I explore this work in
my practice, I observe hip joint pain reduce, and cracked ribs heal with just a
few minutes of work.    

Aileen McKenna, best known in the Ottawa area for her work in polarity
therapy, Quantum-Touch therapy, craniosacral therapy and aromatherapy, has been
a student of the metaphysical since the mid-70’s.  Search for the purpose of her life became an  extraordinary journey of balancing spiritual practice with the intense world of
mundane work.  That purpose has been  clarified following an intense two-year cleansing period, experiences directly  attributable to the increased frequency and decreased magnetics presently being  experienced on the planet which has brought her to a place and provided a space  to fulfill her life’s mandate, that of sharing with others that which she has  learned.  Aileen will be presenting a  certificate training in Quantum-Touch on the weekend of September 11/12, 2004.  She will also present the ‘2012’ workshop  featuring Gregg Braden’s work “Wakening to Zero-Point:  the Collective Initiation” over 4 weeks
beginning September 7, 2004 at the MacLaren Centre.   For further information and registration,  please call Aileen at (613) 228-2272, (613) 795-3751, or by e-mail at

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