My Amazing Life with Quantum-Touch Therapy and Law of Attraction Coaching

This morning I’m giving thanks for all the blessings in my life. I’m totally aware of how my body has healed itself using Quantum-Touch therapy, and how my further healing in terms of emotional issues has been happening with my Law of Attraction work.

Recently, I’ve been really aware of my lifetime relationship with money. I’ve always had my needs met so I’ve never really been deprived, but I’ve never actually felt abundant financially. I’ve come to realize that that when I’ve had a lot of money, I still didn’t feel wealthy. Now I’ve come to realize that I’ve actually always been wealthy, I just didn’t know it. So, today, as I’m sitting here pondering my financial history, or my money story, I’ve come to understand my life with money and how I’ve somehow managed to always feel that I didn’t have enough.

Today, I’m writing the story of my amazing life. I’m writing about all the various areas of my life, from my relationships, my work, my body, my spiritual, my home, and my financial life. I’m writing about all the absolutely stunning events taking place. As I write the story of my amazing life today and into the future, I realize that I can expand my life in all ways, and that there is unlimitedness in my life. I am expanding my life in all areas of my life.

I’m feeling so great, and I’m just wanting to take this life of mine into the highest places possible. I’m wanting to take my work to its greatest heights, to work with Quantum-Touch therapy as a practitioner, as an instructor, and as a coach, I’m working with my coaching practice to the greatest heights possible, with wonderful clients every day.

And I’m intending to take my work onto the Speakers Circuit, where I will be spending time on the international stage speaking about my life and my work. I’m so excited that I’m having these great enlightened moments when I’m knowing that the sky is the limit for my life and my talents.

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