Living My Life One Day at at Time

I’m so excited to have rediscovered my blog site, where I intended to put all my deep thoughts about many things, and now I’m back.. on my BIG BIRTHDAY!!!  I’m just enjoying my days to the max, and loving every little aspect of every day.

Yesterday, I had breakfast with my daughter, and her daughters and granddaughter.  These gentle, peaceful, family moments are really very profound, when we take the time to contemplate them, and I’m doing that this morning, reflecting upon that visit from the very beginning of entering the new residence, to the tour by my great granddaughter, and our conversation during the tour, from upstairs, showing me each room, and telling me whose room it was, right down to the basement and all the various rooms tinihere.  She was amazing, and the tour was a great treat.

I’m also discovering how amazing my body continues, and with just a little maintenance, I’m stronger again, and not even feeling any back and hip pain this morning.  I’ve come to some conclusions about that, and I’ll write more about this later today, following my walk, my exercises (beginning with those all important stretches), and my substantial breakfast with lots of protein, and then my big smoothie, with lots of fruit and leafy greens, and my Greens+, protein powder, and collogen powder.

That’s my welcome back to me message here on my blogsite.  I’ll be back daily, as this is my most wonderful way to communicate.

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