Celebrating 76 Years of Wellness and Inspiration

Today, my 76th birthday, I’m busy giving thanks for all the beautiful aspects of my life, and the people and processes I’ve learned that have contributed to my life in powerful ways. This work has played a major role in my life since I initially met Marshall in Geneva, Switzerland in 1988. I didn’t use it much in the early days, but I did learn and use several aspects in ways that provided much peace and empowerment at the ease with which using empathy changed several work relationships in a flash.

I had never understood how I could deal with comments that I found very difficult to accept, and I believed that I had to either retort in kind, or to just suck it up and deal with the pains in my stomach. Until meeting Marshall on that amazing day, I didn’t know that there could be a pleasant, and actually easy way to live with others, no matter where they are coming from, I can stay in my peaceful place, using self-empathy and then empathy for the other as a way to have this peaceful life.

It has become my conviction, as a hands-on healer, and Law of Attraction Life Coach, that all illness and disease is compounded by those feelings of disempowerment we experience when we are confronted with these situations during which we feel compelled to do nothing.

Now I know better, and I know that I have the skills, and the desire to live in peace with others, all the others, and I’m good with that.

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