Attacting my Perfect Client Quantum-Touch Therapy and Law of Attraction Coaching

During my work with a business coach who worked with soul centred business, I had to define my perfect client. I took the time to do this, and discovered how this worked, and how I was attractive to those who wanted and needed my services.

While being involved in my current Law of Attraction coaching training, I was again required to define my perfect clients and provided with tools and imagery to assist me in this task. One of the most profound tools, was the image of a lighthouse running up and down the beach looking for ships in trouble and looking for the lighthouse, but unable to find it, as it was running up and down. When the lighthouse took its proper place on the rocky coast, shining its light far a wide for all the ships to see, those who wanted and needed its services, were attracted to it, while those who had their own resources, and didn’t need the lighthouse were not attracted, and therefore not involved with the lighthouse.

This imagery really helps me, and my coaching and energy healing clients to understand about all my work, both my Quantum-Touch Therapy hands-on healing practice, and my Law of Attraction coaching practice and to make choices that work for us all.

I see clients on four days per week, and I work with Coaching clients during 10 hours per week. This is the most amazing work I could imagine, creating enormous satisfaction and very rewarding in all ways.

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