With 6 million smell receptor cells, we can distinguish approximately 10,000 different odours.  So, just imagine how important it is to have pleasant smells around us to the extent possible.  I’m contributing some recipes using essential oils to enhance our experience in each moment.

Slow Down and Relax – a very special calming blend

Lavender – 6 parts

Ylang Ylang – 5 parts

Sandalwood – 3 parts

Marjoram – 3 parts


I Love My Job – an uplifting, purifying, and anti-stress office blend

Lavender – 9 parts

Lemon – 3 parts

Geranium – 2 parts

Bergamot – 2 parts

These recipes have been taken from the publication by Valerie Gennari Cooksley – Aromatherapy – A Lifetime Guide to Healing with Essential Oils



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