Quantum-Touch Therapy and dealing with Hearing issues..

This morning I’m in further gratitude to this work, and the results that occur regularly here in my studio. I’ve been working with a client who has been on a heavy duty exercise program, and helping to deal with sore muscles… and we have been producing amazing results. However, following several week long vacations in the tropics, and beginning a new job, she was having sever headaches, and sinus pain. We considered that it had to do either with the air, or tension, or whatever, and I worked on her head, her face, and all those places where she was experiencing pain.
Yesterday, she went to see a doctor, who, after hearing about her latest vacation in the south, on a cruise ship and doing a lot of swimming in the ocean, recognized the pattern as being water entrapped in her ear. She came to see me last evening, and I worked my special ear technique, which I’ve done with many clients dealing with ear infections, hearing loss, and all those other ear things that happen, and we could both feel the shifting in her right ear as the change happened, and the pressure was gone. When she stood up, feeling a bit wobbly as her equilibrium was changing and returning to normal, she sort of whooped at being able to stand without the pain returning to her head.
She’s just sent me a message, and her head still feels great, and although I may do one more session before she goes back to work on Tuesday, we know that she has found permanent relief from the bit of ocean in her ear.
Blessings, to Richard and his great evolution with energy work…

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Having a Career as a Quantum-Touch Practitioner is the Best Job Ever

This morning I’m reflecting on my work life these days, knowing that it is not anything to do with work, but rather days filled with joy and upliftment. I recently heard Jennifer say that she had the best job ever, well I guess, since we are basically doing the work in the same field, that I’ve also got the best job ever.
As I was pondering this morning, I was remember several clients recently and their after session expressions. These were new clients who were not certain of what to expect during these initial sessions, and when they came back and sat up on the table, they began to move their bodies, usually beginning with the shoulders, and their heads. The looks of astonishment are quite striking, and the smiles and utter incredulity as they get up and truly experience how much their bodies have changed is a wonderful gift. For one client is was about her spinal curvature that she had been trying to correct in various ways over many years, and when she stood up, she knew that she was taller, so as I was upstairs getting my agenda, she went to the mirror. When I returned, she just kept laughing, and expressing such joy. She just couldn’t believe that in one session she could experience such a phenomonal change.
For my other new client, she had several issues that were bothering her. They were not debilitating, but had been causing her some concern, and she wasn’t getting any reassurance anywhere, so she wanted to try my work. She is also a yoga expert, and has been doing yoga for many years. She hadn’t realized that any of these problems had affected her flexibility, but when she stood up and started to move her body, initially her shoulders, and then to twist her upper body in various directions, she was astonished that her entire body was so much more flexible and that none of the painful parts were there any more.
The issues I was working on were internal, and of course, not visible on the outside, but when she began to move, it was clear that they were now gone, and she could truly be in her body doing what she wanted to do.
So, all my gratitude to Quantum-Touch, and to say to Jennifer, I, too have the best job ever… and I’m intending to just keep on working for many, many years… It is just such a cool way to spend my days, and as we all know, “When we give a session, we also get a session!” … so I just keep on getting stronger, and healthier, as I get older…

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Quantum-Touch Therapy and working with Clients

This morning as I’m awaiting my client at 10:00 am and contemplating that the temperature will be away above freezing by lunch time, and that all those snow banks will begin melting, I’m working with my planning calendar, my future articles in my local magazine, and my plans to take Quantum-Touch further out across the country here in Canada.
My clients are experiencing such amazing results all the time, whether it’s from anxiety, insomnia, poor digestion, painful joints, or low energy, they are always so astonished when the session is finished, and they begin to sit up. As they gain awareness they realize that their body has been transformed. Sometimes, they aren’t really certain of what has happened fully for a few days, and it may take a few sessions, before they are really fully aware of what has happened, but it just keeps on happening, on very subtle as well as more obvious levels.
Increased energy, greater stamina, better and more profound sleep, improved posture, less pain, and even no pain, greater fluidity of movement creating more ease with walking and exercising, even playing sports, and increased enthusiasm for the future, are all results and feedback I get from my clients on a regular basis.
I’m so grateful that I discovered this work all those years ago.. in fact, its now about 14 years since I found Quantum-Touch therapy, and I can’t believe how much I am always looking forward to each and every day of doing my work… and how much energy it gives me, as well as a standard of living and of life that is remarkable.

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Quantum-Touch Therapy: Witnessing Realignment

This morning as I’m working on an article for the February issue of my local alternative magazine, Tone Magazine, I’m contemplating how during sessions of Quantum-Touch therapy, the energy seems to have a plan on what issues get worked on first. I’ve worked consistently over time with a few clients, and they have generally had a number of surgeries to deal with physical issues in their bodies. The process I observe taking place, is stunning to say the least, and I’d like to try to share a bit of that here.
I’ll share about the most recent situation first, and what I felt most recently. This client has a spinal curvature, that creates a “C” curve in her posture. I’ve always observed how the upper part of the curvature straightened during our sessions, consistently becoming more aligned as we worked together. I would work with one hand under T8 and the other under T1. After I felt that work was complete for that session, I would move the T8 hand down to the base of the spine, the botton of the sacrum. I’ve been doing this regularly for quite a long time now, but the last time I did this particular hand placement, I could feel the coccyx begin to turn downward, or to straighten, and to really curve into my hand in a way that was totally astonishing. The lower part of the spine was straightening out that part of the “C” curve. The upper spine has been reorganizing for some time, but now is the time for the lower spine begin reorganizing.
When I feel these kinds of movements within someone’s body, I’m always in awe of how incredible this work is, and how the body knows precisely how to heal itself. Healing is a process, and it is a natural process. It can’t be rushed, nor can it be side tracked, it takes place in the way that creates perfect health over time. When there have been surgical procedures, I witness how the energy heals beyond what the surgery corrected and dissolves all the scar tissue and misalignments that remain. I can only imagine what is happening, but from what I have witnetssed over many years, I have quite a good idea about what is happening beyond what my eyes can see, and I continue be in awe of this work.

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Taking Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I on the Road

This morning I’m completing some documents and processes I’ve been developing for those lovely people who are interested in Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I training and are wanting or organize workshops in their communities. There are some things in my life that I really love to do, and some other things that I like doing and that I do really well. So, today I’m putting them together and I’ve come up with some documents based upon my own experience and skill set, and I’ll be sharing them with whoever is interested in having Quantum-Touch Therapy training in their neighbourhoods.
I’ve learned from doing this work in the past, that there are some people very interested in this work, or at least will be when they learn about how effective it is. So, I’m using all this information to develop a text about who and where. I’m also doing a check list that will be very helpful to those who are organizing.
When I was invited to be part of a panel discussion in 2005 at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario at a Conference on Sustainability, I was in a panel with a massage therapist, a chiropractor, and a naturopathic doctor. I really enjoyed that experience, and would love to participate again in this type of panel. I also taught a mini class to about 20 people who were attending the conference. During that period, I was interviewed for a community radio show. I’d like to do more of that as well, so another part of my check list, and instructions for those organizing training in their communities, will be to check out radio and TV shows where I can be interviewed prior to the training event.
Another aspect of my previous training is about community building, or community development. I’ve held a healing circle here in Ottawa for regularly for most of the time I’ve taught QT. I’ve also initiated a Healing Circle in Kingston, Ontario following a number of Quantum-Touch Therapy classes I held there. This is an amazingly powerful way for students to gather and to practice with each other, and to stay connected with the power of Quantum-Touch as well as the healing they will receive both for themselves and one another. How to initiate and to organize Healing Circles is another part of the training in these communities where I’ll be travelling to teach will be a part of what I share as well.
I’ve not done many Friday evening Intro/Demos recently. I miss this, as they are always well attended, and exciting for me as well as totally informative for the attendees. When I travel to another area to teach, I always encourage the organizers to try to have the class room space available for the evening prior to the class for that event. It brings in lots of new people who are curious and wanting to check it out, even it they are not sure that they want to learn the skills yet. If they don’t register at the last minute, they will be at the next class, as those demonstrations are truly earth changing.
Now to get on to my writing, and completing of my documents…
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Quantum-Touch Therapy – At at weekend Class

What a wonderful day spent sharing Quantum-Touch to a brilliant class. They learned the breathing really quickly, and were doing body sweeps immediately, so when they did their first sessions, the results were right there, with a shoulder reorganizing itself and then an ankle pain reducing during that first session. Also, a bump in the upper chest, and another bump at the C7/T1 being resolved during that first session. Also, a wrist that had been broken years ago, and continuing to cause problems, had a reduction in swelling, as well as increased mobility during that first session.
I’m always so in love with this work, and the results students witness during their very first practice sessions. It never ceases to amaze me, and I’ve been teaching this work since 2004. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…..

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Quantum-Touch Therapy – Classes and Future Plans

Preparing to teach this weekend, as well as working on ways to do community building in the Quantum-Touch community, initially with instructors in Eastern Canada, and then with Practitioners in Eastern Canada. Thinking about a Mastermind Group, and possibly training for facilitation of Mastermind Groups. These groups certainly assist Practice Builders in developing their practices, and their student base. I seem to continue to look for solutions to issues in my community, physical communities, as well as communities of the heart and soul centred businesses.
I’m really committed to having greater connection here, and I’m certain that it will create the changes we are needing… My Quantum-Touch Community… in Eastern Canada…

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Working with Quantum-Touch Therapy every day, and witnessing miracles.

I continue to marvel at this wonderful work I do every day. I’m sitting here today, preparing my house for the re-certifying training that will take place here next Wednesday, and I’m thinking about the 2 clients I worked with yesterday. One was seeing me for the first time, and was amazed at how relaxed she was as she was leaving my house. I’ll be pleased to see her next time, and to hear what else she was aware of as the days passed and the rest of the results emerged.

My second client was seeing me for about the 6th session and was very happy that her doctor had found that what he had previously diagnosed as a very serious condition, could no longer be so, because she looked so well and healthy. (She had completed those 5 sessions before she saw him, whereas here MRI was done before her first visit). She has so much more physical and emotional energy, and now we are working a bit more on some joint issues that have improved a lot, but are not yet restored to their place of perfect health. We will soon find that place of extraordinary wellness that is where I see the body, the very being of each of my clients arriving, as we work together. I’m sitting in the place of bliss this morning, and just revelling the results I witness each and every day in my practice.

For more stories, and testimonials, please see my website at www.aileensoasis.com or my blogsite at www.wellnessunlimited.ca. To find training in your area, or the results and testimonials of others, please check out the Quantum-Touch website at www.quantumtouch.com…..

Aileen’s Oasis

We welcome you to an environment where wellbeing, inspiration, joy, empowerment and harmony are the focus of our work. We work with clients at the individual level, in the immediate community and the greater world.


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Quantum-Touch Therapy: how healing happens..

This morning I’m simply contemplating the results I see in my clients when i place my hands upon their bodies and witness the manner in which their systems create wellness. For instance, since we do not treat conditions, nor healing anything, we simply hold the space for the body to heal itself, I’m aware of some very powerful situations such as concussions whereby I simply held my hands upon the head of my client in various positions, and felt the bones shifting and the cerebrospinal fluid moving over the bones feeling like a cool waterfall.

As I worked recently with a young woman who had had a surgery on her left knee, I could feel the changing in the knee, however, when I went to the right leg and held the foot, she could feel many more changes happening the her left knee as well as her left foot.

In another case, when I worked with a client who had worked in an office with many toxins, causing great stress throughout her body including migraines and other areas of pain within her body, she expriences greater and greater feelings of wellness, as her body entrains to the higher vibration, and finds its own place of wellness.

I am truly finding an even greater appreciation for this wonderful modality I call my work, and I’m attracting students who seem to already know this work before they enter the training room. I’m also attracting clients who know that this is the modality where they will find wellness and that complete restoration to perfect health as we work together…

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Quantum-Touch Therapy and the future in Canada

Looking forward to my future with Quantum-Touch therapy. I’m participating in the Clinical Trials, and planning to bring this modality across this country, from coast, to coast, and coast. Getting in touch with contacts on the east coast, and going to bring this training to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland this winter, and to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and again to Alberta in the spring and summer 2017. I have set my goals for the number of new students and instructors, as well as the number of workshops I’m planning to offer.

I’ve done this previously, and now I’m working with coaches and cohorts who will be there with me, walking beside me as we move this wonderful work forward. The time is now, and it is my work, my reason for being here, and I’m ready, and getting my arrangements made for the next 12 months.

I do love this work, and I witness so much results that are almost overwhelming in scope, and since I was told that it wasn’t my time to leave the planet, at the time of an accidental poisoning several years ago, I’ve been feeling better and better, and more commited to spreading the world.

Please check out my website at www.aileensoasis.com or my blogsite at www.wellnessunlimited.ca for more information or the schedule of workshops. You can also find more information at the Quantum-Touch website at www.quantumtouch.com..

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