Living in High Level Wellness: Wellness is A Hardwired Blessing

When we open the original text written by Richard Gordon, Quantum-Touch, The Power to Heal, we find these words at the top of the first page in Chapter 1,
A Hardwired Blessing.
When I read these words, I’m reminded that our bodies, minds, and spirits are, as Richard has written, programmed to be well. I have been writing about my experiences in my book currently being edited, ‘Living in Extraordinary Wellness into your 8th Decade and Beyond’.
I was a relatively sickly child and as a young woman and the mother of many children, I was also unwell often. However, I realized that when I became more aware myself, and my own body, mind and spirit, I have come to realize that when I focus on the part of me that is active, smart and healthy, I had all those attributes that we would consider normal in a young woman growing up in rural Ontario. I had been sick at least once each winter, and would need to stay at home, and probably in bed.
This was the pattern of my life and wellness until I became physically injured in what we would call a ‘repetitive strain injury’. I was sent for many sessions of physio and provided with a prescription for healing and pain. It was at this time when I realized that I was experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding that I sensed the wisdom in seeking a second opinion in the way to deal with my injury. I was referred to another practitioner and following a few simple techniques, the pain was gone, without any other side effects. In the end, it all seemed to be easy peasy.
I decided that I needed to pursue more information on what had occurred here, and thus the first steps in finding a very different way to live, following that concept, We Are Hardwired for Wellness.
Please check out my website my blogsite,, and the Quantum-Touch website, Training is available all over the planet these days, both in person, virtual, and soon to be available in Ottawa, hybrid training. You can also find many practitioners who are doing hands-on sessions, as well as Distant Healing sessions. We refer to these sessions as miracles becoming normacles. You will find a level of discovery that you have not experienced for many years. I’ve

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10 Steps to Create Your Best 10 Years Ever

Attracting Perfect clients

When we begin to consider having our own businesses following years, perhaps of working where our clients came to us through another avenue, such as being prescribed, or as in other fields, we are contacted because we are the only specialist in that field.  When we have spent some time in our own business, we begin to realize that some of our clients are perfect for the service we offer, and others don’t seem to fit with our way of doing our work.

What you may ask, is the difference between how the clients who come to us and seem to be fully on board and overjoyed at being able to work with us, and those who seem to want to see us, however, there also seems to be an inner battle within them about exactly how we do our work, our hours, the length of time for appointments and most of all, the exchange in our interactions where the amount we charge for our services, is always an issue.

I’ve come to that place within myself and my work, where I understand that every client who is attracted to my work, is a perfect client and comes to see me because they basically share our core values, thereby fully appreciating and valuing each and every aspect of our work.

I’ve learned that when we take time early on in our work life to take the time to examine our core values, and to construct a personal mission statement and to then write a mission statement for our businesses, we will begin to fully understand how the Law of Attraction works, in that when we a fully cognizant of who we are, and of the value we offer, we will be very attractive to those perfect clients who recognize, and want to experience only services from my work that in effect, are uniquely mind. This is part of what I am offering in both my healing work, as well as in my MasterMind program about

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Lessons I Have Learned from My therapy Dog, Chelsea

Recently, I posted a copy of my Chelsea’s Canine Good Citizen certificate, her Therapy Dog Certificate. I shared a few of our experiences together, and someone asked if I would share more of my life with Chelsea. So, as part of my previous aspirations, I’m preparing to start a series of articles about my dear puppy. I’ve decided to call this, Lessons I Learned from my Furry Buddy.
Chelsea and I walked a lot, all over this city. I live in Ottawa, which is one of the most easily visited city to explore on foot, and with a four-legged buddy.
When Chelsea initially came to live with me, she was 7 years old, and had been living with my youngest son, and his family since she was 8 weeks old. When I first met her at their home, she was immediately at my feet, and lying on her back to have her belly rubbed. I believe that the love affair with this beautiful being started from that moment. They were living locally then, so I saw her often.
Then they moved to BC, and I didn’t see her for a few years. The day I walked into their house in BC, I sat on the sofa, and she was on my lap. She was no longer a puppy, however, she knew me and wanted to make sure that she was there with me. On that visit, I slept in an upper bunk bed, and Chelsea climbed the ladder to sleep with me. I told her that she could sleep with me, however, I would like her to sleep at the lower part of the bed, as I was concerned that I’d fall out of the top bunk. And she did what I asked.
Chelsea was a mixed breed puppy, being predominately Husky, with Shepherd and a smidge of Rotweiller. She was always curious about everyone, particularly anyone coming into our house. Of course, in her mind they were coming to see her. She was also a wonderful judge of character. And if I could be very honest, I’m sure that she saw through everyone the instant they approached our home from several blocks away.
Being Husky, she wasn’t necessarily a puppy who wanted to share her human with a lot of others, particularly at home. So, when she came to live with me, we were basically a match that had been made long before, and was a few years in getting there. And so my story begins, and I’ll be back another day with more to this story. I’ll be posting this as well on my blogsite

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Working with Energy Therapy and Creating Change

#inspiration #empowering #making a difference

As I’m getting my absolutely incredible mojo into gear today, particularly after my wonderful inspiring visit to parts of my community with Thea, I’m full of ideas to raise the awareness of our work with the amazingly large populations here. I suppose my initial inspiration to do more, speak more, inspire more, offer more, and indeed empower more and to be aware of how much we are making a difference.

As soon as I feel the differences within myself, I am aware of how much my energy change is shifting the larger energy field around me. If we truly plug into to our sphere of influence in terms of miles and miles of area around us, and be conscious of the message we are sending out, it is astonishing what is happening. I’ve always been aware of the fact that ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’ .. and the concept of ‘critical mass’ and how many individuals I’m aware of who are interested in our work I become more and more positive that the ‘critical mass’ has been reached and the mass consiousness has shifted and we are it.

This morning, I’m getting more into where we can visit here, and who we can speak with and what we are able to offer. I continue to return to the events at the beginning of pandemic, and how much I realized the value of our work in terms of wellness with people in my age group.

On Friday, in my little community centre, one of my neighbours was there, and we spoke briefly, however, I realized that she was interested in what we were doing, and I’m getting into that place where I’m going to propose that we ”” and that is the bigger we”’ offer to do talks to groups when we are out there. I’m going to prepare something my my flyer or whatever I’m calling what I’m going to distribute, is that we would love to talk to their groups, or to do presentations to their groups of seniors, or maybe athletes, or youth. Remember that young man in the class, who wrote on his evaluation form at the end of the weekend that he knew his life had been forever changed. He was 11 years old, and was fully aware of the changes he felt in his being.

Another aspect of these shifts that are possible, is the story I may have shared with everyone recently about the presentation I was blown away by at the Findhorn Foundation. The person presenting it was sharing her story of becoming a new teacher, and how much she realized that the children in her class were very distracted when they arrived in class each morning.

She started something incredible which she call ‘Circle Time’ when everyone was sitting in a circle, and each student was provided time to share how they were feeling. They had their time, even if they only wanted to sit in the silence during their turn. It turned out that many students had not spoken to an adult since they left school the day before, and these practices, were quickly recognized as extremely effective and thus important. She was invited to work with these practices as a member of the greater community, to teach every individual in the school, and then in the entire school district, to be aware of the students, and to be alert if someone seems to need attention.

Learning to be aware of our energy, of the impact we can have on our personal communities, is such a powerful insight begins to provide for us the opportunity to get out there to share and to offer our ideas.

I’m also aware that as soon as I write this message, I’m basically putting my stake in the ground and the intention is out there… I’m ready for it…. Let’s all mention our intention and energize all our materials, our flyers, our spaces, our work space. I’m energizing my therapy room daily, the materials I work with there, the sheets, pillows, as well as my entrance and I’ll be ready for what I know is here now.

Blessings, and lots of love to everyone … we are working with the LOVE VIBRATION.

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10 Steps to Creating the Best 10 Years Ever

Imagine Your Life as you would like it to be. Imagine for a few moments your perfect business. If you are working with clients in a one-on-one work, such as coaching, I would like you to think about your perfect client, your ideal office, your ideal city, ideal part of the province, ideal climate, ideal time of year. Can you imagine how you would feel in that situation? I would like to begin working with you expanding your vision, and to suggest that you that maintaining a record of how it changes over time might be very helpful in creating a greater awareness of the power of your mind in working with these experiences.

To begin, I would like you to spend a few moments thing about your business. Is yours one where you are working with clients individually? Would you consider who your favourite clients might be? When I initially was working with energy, I had been dealing with my own old injuries experienced in an automobile accident approximately 50 years earlier. How would I have experienced my workplace and decor when I was initially being worked with. Is it one where I would feel comfortable? Is the colours in that room subdued and inspiring confidence and relaxation.

The second part of this exercise, it to begin to think about how many clients you would like to see each day, and how long would each client spend with you? How much time will you ensure that you have between clients? Are you planning to have additional time at the beginning, in the first session to ensure that you have time to gather information as well as to provide a wonderful relaxation experience as well?

As you will spend time going through this aspect of beginning your work on imagining your business and seeing your early clients, it will soon become clear that you will feel the reality of the situation beginning to occur.

I suggest that we leave this for today, and I’ll be back another day to share some next steps in this process of Creating Your Best 10 Years Ever.

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Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space

Part I: Creating Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries, both physical and emotional boundaries are an important part of growing up to be a mentally healthy happy and prosperous independent individual. Many of us have not established these healthy boundaries as children and therefore, as adults, and we have basically been unable to determine which thoughts, feelings, and in general what is ‘us’ and what is the ‘other’. When I discovered this information as a process to begin to fully grasp how to identify that something was happening that I couldn’t quite understand, I began to find ways to get that to happen. Most of the time, I would simply do what seemed to be the best, and to get on with it without understanding that so often what didn’t work well and easily was what I was deciding based upon the desires and energy of someone else. When I gradually, and finally begin to fully identify what aspects of my decisions were mine, and what wasn’t I felt much relieved, and over time, realized that I could be happier and healthier when dealing with ‘myself’.

This work has been invaluable for me in having some element of management over what and who impacted me day to day, I’ve decided to offer again, beginning this Friday, July 29th, 2022, this workshop that has proven to be so amazing for assisting participants in feeling more aware of their energy as well as in charge of their space. This initial workshop, Part I is about creating personal boundaries and I will share how I discovered how to recognize that we don’t have adequate boundaries, how to create boundaries, and how to maintain them. We will work with various tools as we move from being totally vulnerable to anyone and everyone, including the news of the day to slowly and graciously establishing who we are, and where we begin and end, and how we can affect everyone with our energy, as well as to be affected by anyone.

Early on, I began to understand about my interests and to take time to fully explore what I liked and why. That aspect of learning about myself was a lot of fun, and not only exciting, I began to understand that there was a very interesting person inside this being, and when I learned to shut out the others to the point that I could stay focused on who I was, I began to feel as I often did when reading a mystery novel, and wondering who was going to emerge in the end. I have a sense that the entire aspect of my wellbeing has been this journey into who I am.

Another part of this process was to find that I had a lot more physical energy. I suppose that when we are not able to live our ownselves, we expend a lot of energy pushing down those realizations about what is going on. I do remember wondering about many of my decisions, and why I had made the decision I had when I really had never been interested in those things previously, and then that ‘person’ came into my life and something changed. Many of you may recognize aspects of this in your own lives, or the lives of those around.

When we begin working with the workshop Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space, we begin to get small glimmers of these parts, and following a few months of regularly ensuring that we are always having a grounding cord, and clearing our field, and realizing that so many of those aspect of inner field do not belong to us, we start to build a sense of ‘us’. I remember looking in the mirror, and saying over and over, ‘This is me’.

The next offering of this workshop around is being offered this Friday, July 29th, 2022. It is important to let me know that you are wanting to register. As soon as you make your intentions known, even to yourself, you will begin to recognize shifts in your awareness, and begin that sense of ‘This is me’. We are all on a journey of self discovery as well as that journey of knowing why we are here now, and to that most wonderful awareness of knowing that this is exactly where you are meant to be. Bon Voyage.

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Week 5 – Becoming Aware of this Part of You

Week 5. Becoming aware of this part of you
November 12th, 10:00 am
Good morning and thank you for your interest in my work. Over the past month, I’ve been writing here about energy and how you may be more or less aware and how your Life Force Energy is affected by that of others. My intention is to create a place where you can learn about having more awareness and therefore more control over your life. The other aspect of this is to enable you to make better decisions, as you will be making those decisions from a place of inner knowing rather than making an intellectual decision.
I remember having some of those struggles with decision making and almost always going with the intellectual option of that decision, where I’d write down all the pros and cons of the various options. Often I was aware of a very strong discomfort within me that was my intuition screaming at me to make a different choice. I’ve generally been able to redo that option some years later when I had sort of lived out that initial decision to the point where I had some really hard evidence of the folly of that choice, however I had to live it out initially before knowing that there was an easier method. I’ve now realized that when I can tune into that ‘still small voice within’ referred to by Eileen Caddy in her book of daily readings entitled “God Spoke to Me”, my choices seem to be much more clear and I can be very decisive very quickly.
I know of many instances where those who have access and trust in this spidey sense have kept themselves from decisions that have saved their lives. Many people have been taught to discount totally this inner knowing, this innate aspect of us, and therefore, many of us have totally lost this wonderful aspect in favour of a more intellectual approach to life. This is unfortunate, as that wonderful, spiritual part, speaks less and less often when it is not acknowledged.
I am highly aware of the day I accidently poisoned myself with what I had considered was a healthy snack. I ate it while having a cup of coffee, and only several hours later did I realize that something was wrong. I was very comfy on my sofa, and when the doorbell rang, I couldn’t even recognize it initially. It was only after the second ring that I identified it and realized that I’d been there for several hours and that I probably needed help. In fact, I wasn’t even certain initially that I wasn’t just going to stay there, as I wasn’t afraid of the end of life, and this certainly wasn’t painful, however, there was this little voice, or as Eileen Caddy called it, that still small voice within. Maybe not so still, as it was very clear that I was not to stay there, it was not my time to leave, an that I had work to do that I came here to do, and to get on with it.
I realized later, that I was actually moving quickly towards death as my blood pressure was very low and that the poison (which I didn’t even know was present) was working very effectively towards affecting all the muscles in my body. One of the nurses in the emergency room asked me the most profound question following all the other questions

knowing that there was an easier method.  I’ve now realized that when I can tune into that ‘still small voice within’ referred to by Eileen Caddy in her book of daily readings entitled “God Spoke to Me”, my choices seem to be much more clear and I can be very decisive very quickly. 

I know of many instances where those who have access and trust in this spidey sense have kept themselves from decisions that have saved their lives.  Many people have been taught to discount totally this inner knowing, this innate aspect of us, and therefore, many of us have totally lost this wonderful aspect in favour of a more intellectual approach to life.  This is unfortunate, as that wonderful, spiritual part, speaks less and less often when it is not acknowledged.

I am highly aware of the day I accidently poisoned myself with what I had considered was a healthy snack.  I ate it while having a cup of coffee, and only several hours later did I realize that something was wrong.  I was very comfy on my sofa, and when the doorbell rang, I couldn’t even recognize it initially.  It was only after the second ring that I identified it and realized that I’d been there for several hours and that I probably needed help.  In fact, I wasn’t even certain initially that I wasn’t just going to stay there, as I wasn’t afraid of the end of life, and this certainly wasn’t painful, however, there was this little voice, or as Eileen Caddy called it, that still small voice within.  Maybe not so still, as it was very clear that I was not to stay there, it was not my time to leave, an that I had work to do that I came here to do, and to get on with it.

I realized later, that I was actually moving quickly towards death as my blood pressure was very low and that the poison (which I didn’t even know was present) was working very effectively towards affecting all the muscles in my body.  One of the nurses in the emergency room asked me the most profound question following all the other questions about what did I have for breakfast, and what kind of pills did I take, when she asked if I’d eaten anything else that morning.  When I told her what I had eaten as my healthy snack, she understood what that meant, and quickly found someone who knew that I needed an antidote.  Was there a still small voice?  Was there some aspect of my energy field out there finding those who were there to help me to keep on living on this earth plane to fulfill that desire I came here to fulfill.  I was told that it was not my time to go, and some aspect of me made sure that I didn’t go.

 I have fully grasped, both from that experience and others, that we have this aspect of us, our energy field, that inner guidance system that gives us the signals to keep us safe, and not only safe from things, and people who may do us harm, however also from those who are not operating with us at a level that is for our highest good.

When I am needing to make decisions these days, and it may only be about who I have a conversation with, I always check in.  What does that mean?  Well I ask that part of me that is aware of the greater me, that energy part of me if the conversation will enhance my energy, my wellbeing,  or will this encounter disempower me in some way.  These questions can be very subtle, however, they are important, and basically these questions are essential when it comes to getting on with our lives, and fulfilling that task that I opted to fulfill when I chose not only to live on this planet for another lifetime, but to ask for help when that part of me that was fully content with leaving was told gently and convincing that I was not finished with my tasks.

That is my presentation for this morning November 12th, 2021,

I’ll be back next Friday morning Week 6 to share what I’ve learned on How Developing this awareness can affect you.

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Week 4. How does energy feel – November 5th, 2021

Good morning Everyone: 

Such a wonderful topic this morning, this early November morning.  To begin, I’m just going to ask you how you feel this morning?  It’s November in Ottawa, and yesterday morning my car had been parked outdoors overnight, and I had to scrape frost from the windows.  I felt a bit disappointed because I truly hadn’t quite taken in the idea that we were on the cusp of winter.  I grew up here in this climate, which I believe is known as a continental climate with cold dry winters, and hot humid summers.

So, how does energy feel?  When I am aware of my energy field, it is usually with a bit of tingling on my skin.  As I focus on myself, perhaps my knees, I’ll experience probably increased heat, and if there is any discomfort, it may indeed increase with my attention.  When I begin to work with new clients they may be surprised by how they feel, and somewhat uncomfortable with the tingling or increased in their bodies as I work with them.  I always take time explaining how the vibration of their energy systems increase as I work with them, and that they may feel the tingling, as well as an increase in the discomfort.  This increase lasts for a short time, and is part of the way the human body removed the causes of the pain.  I’ve witnessed clients experiencing the emergence of old injuries that had not fully healed and came to the surface following energy work, and after several days of extreme discomfort, was totally gone, providing increased physical energy and feelings of wellbeing. 

Another aspect of living with a greater awareness of our energy field and the benefits this awareness has on our life, and that of those around us, is that this part of us is like a barometer.  This part of us, can give us enormous information about how we are affected by our environment.  In this case, I’m referring to how we feel when we are in certain places, and/or with certain individuals.  I mentioned this earlier in this series, and now I would like to go back to that topic, to expand on this and to provide you with the tools to have greater awareness of your being.  You will notice that when you enter a building, or into the proximity of a certain person, or group of people you may feel tired, or anxious, or energized, and happy.  These are really important for your wellbeing.

I want to share with you some aspects of this that I’ve learned in my life that I would really have appreciated learning as a child, however, that doesn’t usually happen.  When I initially learned this work, I was working in an office where I was exhausted every day long before lunch time.  I had learned this protocol that provided for me the tools to clear the energy I was picking up, and in effect stop it from affecting me.  It was a brilliant tool, and I teach this to many of my students.  You can use this process every morning, and you will quickly feel the difference in your physical and emotional energy.  It is simple, and takes maybe 5 minutes, if that.

You will also learn to recognize where you will either want to employ this protocol, and/or those places where you will choose to not go.  I’ve used the recognition of how my energy changes to make those decision about where to spend my time.  If you realize that in those places, you feel either tired, or uncomfortable in any way, you have a responsibility to yourself, to leave.  It took many years for me to respect this part of me, and once I did, I knew that I was now an adult, and I was responsible to take care of me.

This applies to all those places where you may recognize these feelings.   I’ve worked with many people who come to see me with much repressed anger, or enormous amounts of stress.  These aspects of their discomfort, would have been the strong indicators of the necessity to make a choice around where they spent their time.  Sometimes, we can’t just change our employment that fast, however we can find ways to change how we feel about it.

It may be possible to appreciate that place for the benefit you receive, and to learn to express gratitude about the income your receive, or the skills that you are learning and can take to another job that may feel better.  And when you are recognizing how important it is to trust and respect those feelings, you will be making decisions that truly are in alignment with who you are.

I’ve come to the end of my presentation this morning.  I’ll be back here next week to further expand on my awareness of how important working with energy is in our lives.

Many thanks for your interest, and if you have questions, or input, please let me know.  You can reach me at, or send me a message on facebook messenger.

Until next week,  Many blessings..

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Week 3 – What is Energy – October 29

Good morning everyone..  How are you all feeling on this beautiful fall morning?  I’m really curious this morning to discover your questions and awarenesses following our last 3 presentations.  I want to ask you now to place your awareness on your solar plexus and to keep it there for 2 minutes, and to then you may want to share that with us. 

The topic of my presentation this morning is to answer the question about ‘What is Energy?’  Energy or rather, Life Force Energy is the animating force of all life.  And it is all around us, and through us.  We aren’t aware of this for as the fishes in the sea, who would say, Water? what water? because it is the environment in which it lives, so it hasn’t realized that where it lives is water, as we humans don’t realize that we are actually more energy than solid.  When we are wanting to be aware, we can begin to notice how our attention can change how we feel.   

 As we become more aware of this aspect of us, we will begin to realize that this energy field is all around us and is actually ‘out in front of us’ as we move through our day.  As you are moving around in your house, and in your neighbourhood, this energy aspect of us will be more tuned into your environment than our physical/conscious selves.  As we begin to understand what is happening, we will be able to understand that this energy field is like an early warning system, if we realize what is happening. 

You may be able to recall an event when you when you decided to not go somewhere, or for some reason, felt that you needed to change a decision.  You didn’t really know why you made that decision, however, you eventually understood that that decision probably was a wise decision, and may have kept you from being involved in something, such as an accident.  You may recall hearing about drivers having some sort of intuitive nudge to take a different route, or to travel on a different day, and then discover that there was an accident on that route, or some other event that had kept them safe.

When I initially began to study about these aspects of us, humans, I did some training with the work of Jose Silva.  When he initially was aware of these parts of us, he did it to help his children with their school work.  Then, two of his sons went off to war during WWII, and he wanted to ensure that they had all the skills they needed to keep them safe, and for them to be tuned into to their surroundings.  One of his sons had an injury, however, it was not life threatening and they both came home without any damage to them.

We as human beings are so much more than we have even imagined.  These subtle energies around us can provide us with such tools to be aware physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  We only need to learn how to use the awareness, and to understand the many ways in which this innate part can enhance our wellness, our intellectual aspects, and our decision making parts.  I remember as a high school student, when I couldn’t figure out an algebra problem in my home work assignment.  I woke up in the morning with the entire solution ready to be written on my paper.  This skill, or awareness is part of the energy aspects of our humanness fully working for us.

We will possibly know this aspect of us as our intuition, and we may or may not be aware of it, or even if we are aware of our intuitive skills, sometimes we are not fully able to use them as we may be fully trust our spidy senses.  I know, I didn’t trust mine for most of my life, as those people around  me seemed to discount my ability to know things that were not commonly known in my immediate environment.  I have since really begun to understand what a valuable resource our intuition, the sense we have that actually comes from our energy field . 

Our animal companions will also help us to understand and be aware of those subtle parts of us.  They really do know..  And my very beautiful buddy who has been gone now for about 8 years, taught me a lot about trusting my intuitive senses, as she was really tuned into me at all levels, the thoughts I was aware of, the sense of what was happening around me at a subtle level.   

When I asked the question about how you were feeling this morning, I want you to think about what you felt, and if there was a change in your feelings as I asked you to focus on how you felt.

This is my presentation for this morning.  I’ll be back next Friday morning, to expand and deepen these awarenesses.  I will also being sharing with you how to encourage your children in being aware and  how to listen to them when they share their feelings and senses with you.

Take care, and thank you for being here with me,

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Energy Awareness as Basic Life Skill

Beginning Our Journey With Energy

Week 2.  Beginning our Journey with Energy – Oct 22nd,

Good morning-Thank you for joining me in this presentation…  Beginning Our Journey with Energy.

When we begin our journey of being aware of our energy field, that part of us that is always there, always affected by how we feel and who we allow into our field, we have a wonderful opportunity to truly manage our lives.  This part of us provides for us such a loving connection with our full being. 

I’m going to suggest that we begin this morning learning how we can get a sense of the greater ‘us’ by sitting in the stillness, closing our eyes, and placing our awareness on our solar plexus.  I want you to be present to that aspect of yourself for several moments and to be aware of what you sense of what you are feeling within yourself as you do that. 

As soon as we start to spend time being present to our body, we will begin to learn so much more about ourselves.  When we begin to develop that budding sensitivity about who we are, we are also more conscious of what affects us..  when we are with our friends, — how do we feel, when we with family, and specific family members, and also our neighbours.  It is important to our wellbeing to become aware of what changes in our beings when we move around during our day, whether we are doing grocery shopping, or other shopping, as well as the different feelings we may begin to experience as we are involved in our homes, for instance, when we are in the kitchen cooking breakfast, vs when we are getting breakfast outside our homes.  You will begin to become acutely aware of how these choices impact us energetically.

We can also begin to become aware of how our chosen entertainment affects us.  Films, music, sports, games.. You may indeed begin to feel energized when you are near some people, and feel drained when with others; to feel sad with some forms of entertainment and to feel joyous and energized with others.   The important part of this awareness initially is to begin to understand how we have choices. 

When I was initially aware of the impact the energy of others could have on me, I realized that I could be so affected that I would make a decision because the person next to me wanted me to do so.  I began to understand how important it was for me to find and use tools to change that result, for me to learn techniques to manage my energy therefore my choices and my life.  I found really important ways to help me with that, and I began feel like a different person, and the way others in my life began responding to me provided evidence that my awareness and my choices were affecting my capacity to manage my energy field was creating shifts that would henceforth change my relationships with everyone in my world, as well as those who were attracted to me based on the energy and information I was giving out. 

I remember one client who had learned these tools, and had been chronically affected by the person who worked in the same therapy space with a short turn around time between their turns.  It was quite common for her to arrive to use the space, and to have her scheduled client in the waiting area and the other practitioner was still in the therapy room with her client.  In the former mode of dealing with clients, she would need to wait until the other person came out of the space and created the shift.  After we worked together, it was possible for her to energetically clear the space before she left home, and by the time she arrived at her office, the first practitioner was already gone.  I remember her saying how  much easier it was than have the conversation would have been.

I have other instances where I could create change energetically, and totally change the dynamic in a relationship by simply working with the energy.

I’m wanting you to begin pondering as you go through your day, how working with these tools could begin to create shifts in your life and the lives of those around you.

You may want to create you list of situations you would like to change and bring it with you to the next presentation, and I’ll have some input for you during the rest of the weeks you will be here for these presentations.

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