Living Extraordinary Wellness to our 8th Decade and Beyond


We are hardwired for Wellness

Why is someone compelled to write their book, to share their story, to pour their heart and soul and all their most deeply held secrets in this most public way? Perhaps I’ve discovered my reasons in these words taken from The Aquarian Conspiracy, in the words of Tarthang Tulku quoted at the beginning of Chapter 8, Healing Ourselves, to quote ”Complete health and awakening are really the same.”

I’ve lived through many years of pain, unhappiness and hopelessness, which I blamed entirely upon my own behaviour, my appearance, my lack of something, but I knew not what it was, I only knew that somehow I had not quite measured up and now I was dealing with the consequences. Imagine how I felt when I began to grasp some understanding of why those thoughts were not real, why those thoughts were false, and that it was neither my behaviours nor anything else about me that was the cause of my distress, it was simply due to a series of events and the behaviours and understandings or lack thereof, of others, older and more experienced than I was. I was also exposed to individuals who had some serious psychological issues that I could not have possibly understood, that had contributed substantially to my lack of confidence, and struggles with my life, and ironically, but totally predictably to my health.

Finally, as I aged, and became conscious of the world beyond myself, and found that not only was I not alone in these situations, but that there was a way out. Initially, I thought that it was simply by leaving that difficult situation that would create the peace I needed, but that simply meant that I was physically safe, but not free, nor psychologically safe. Then the search and the journey moved out of the country where I’d been born and into a greater place, a place where I would begin to understand the greater picture, the greater destructiveness, but also the greater healing, and as in the words of Tarthang Tulku “Complete health and awakening are really the same”. So, when I began to try to find the answer to my health problems, I also became aware of the psychological issues that were influencing my life, and my wellness.

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Quantum-Touch Therapy, Digestion, and Eating Well

Eating healthy food is a fundamental ingredient to our wellness. Together with ingesting food that we know is good for us, and the food group mostly influencing our wellbeing and maintaining our weight is that of the vegetable and fruit area.
However, not only do we need to eat well, processing that food is having a healthy and efficient digestive system whereby the food that is taken in is put through our bodies digestive system in a manner that means it only stays within our body for a day or so, before it is eliminated easily and efficiently.
Regularly, I meet people who are not having this easy and efficient colon action. In fact, having regular bowel movements is not a topic discussed regularly with families, and friends, and most people are surprised when I ask them this question. I will ask this question, if my client has lower back pain, and/or distress in their lower abdomen. Simply working on the lower abdomen is usually the only work I need to do to create a more efficient movement through this system. However, from time to time, I have clients who have been dealing with a problem of impaction for some time, and are experiencing extreme distress in the colon at those points where there is a curve, known anatomically as flextures, where they need extra energetic help. It is always amazing when the situation begins to improve, the movement of fluid and gas through the colon becomes clear, either from sounds that we hear, maybe just the feeling I feel as I hold my hands upon the lower abdomen or most importantly when the client feels the relief within their body and knows that movement is happening, and will be continuing following our session together.
We know that encouraging clients to use vegetables and fruit will help to prevent this situation from recurring.

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VisionBoard Workshop in Ottawa

Vision Boards are a fun way to visualize our dreams by placing them upon a large board so that we can see them and make them more real to us on a daily basis.  I’ve been using this manner of creating my future regularly for at least 20 years.

The manner in which we create our future is by having a sense of how it looks, whether it is a vacation, a new house, a career, relationship, or any other physical aspect of our lives.  The other important aspect of using this method of creating our future is the emotions we feel as we visualize.  Many of us who try these tools use it as something apart from our day to day lives, and don’t truly live as if.

Most of you know Jim Carey.  He learned about this work early in his career, and as he was at that time often paying more than he earned to perform his entertainment evenings.  So, he decided that he would take himself up into the Hollywood hills every night and imagine his life as a highly paid entertainer, and he would not come back to his home until he had fully generated the feelings of making millions of dollars per film.  And before long, he was offered his first role with that kind of contracted amount on it.

I’m working on my future life and living in financial abundance, with international popularity, as well as a loving relationship.  These events are beginning to appear in my daily reality.

I’m also working on having long term high level wellness.  I work on this daily, and I experience my strength in mind and body every moment as I do my hands-on healing work, my Law of Attraction coaching work, and my workshop offerings.  I’m over the moon with the feelings I experience as I work with the images, the feelings, the emotions, and the realities of my life going forward.

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Working with Vision Boards

I’m working on creating workshops where we will be developing VisionBoards to help those wanting to create the life they choose to live.  If this inspires interest in you, you may be interested in how I came to this process as a means of creating what I wanted to having in my life.

To begin, I’ve known about working with images and visualization as a means of creating what I wanted in my life since I was in a group therapy session in the 1980s.  It was at this time when I understood that we can use our imagery and emotion to generate results, and the most impactful event was the young gymnast from USSR who won the gold at the Olympics had used these techniques as a part of her training.  The way I remember this coming to my awareness, was that part of her training was spent in a small cubicle, such as a closet, where she would curl up in a ball, and imagine herself going through her program perfectly.  More recently, we’ve heard that this process has become a major part of the training for high level athletes in the upscaling their capacity to perfect their performances.  In fact, recently, it has been discovered that there is at least as much benefit derived from this process of mentally and emotionally going through the perfect performance, as there is from going through it physically.  In some cases, the benefits of the image work proves to be more effective.

Which brings me to my work here with the VisionBoard process, and my offer for January 12th, 2019, as a means of generating greater satisfaction and success in our lives in the new year.  Just imagine spending time with a small group of people all wanting to do this work with magazines, scissors, paste and construction board to make a wonderful image of all that you would like to have in your life..  for the current year (2019) and the years going forward.

If you are interested in exploring this work further, then just give me a call at 613-228-2272, or an e-mail at … and we can chat and I’ll give you more information on the work I’m developing.

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Coaching Program of Quantum-Touch Therapy Instructors

Having such a good time developing this coaching program to offer to Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I Instructors. I’m putting together a progam that will be offered to particular groups where we will meet through an online capability such as ZOOM. We’ll meet twice per month, in the beginning to work towards setting our goals for students and classes and to help each other be more effective in reaching these goals in spreading the word and wisdom, skills and potential wellness for all those people in our communities seeking alternatives to their wellness goals, and aspirations.

I’ll be sharing this information as I proceed through my process of developing this program and keeping all those interested in this work informed as to how to get involved, and of the results we can expect when participating in this program.

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My Amazing Life with Quantum-Touch Therapy and Law of Attraction Coaching

This morning I’m giving thanks for all the blessings in my life. I’m totally aware of how my body has healed itself using Quantum-Touch therapy, and how my further healing in terms of emotional issues has been happening with my Law of Attraction work.

Recently, I’ve been really aware of my lifetime relationship with money. I’ve always had my needs met so I’ve never really been deprived, but I’ve never actually felt abundant financially. I’ve come to realize that that when I’ve had a lot of money, I still didn’t feel wealthy. Now I’ve come to realize that I’ve actually always been wealthy, I just didn’t know it. So, today, as I’m sitting here pondering my financial history, or my money story, I’ve come to understand my life with money and how I’ve somehow managed to always feel that I didn’t have enough.

Today, I’m writing the story of my amazing life. I’m writing about all the various areas of my life, from my relationships, my work, my body, my spiritual, my home, and my financial life. I’m writing about all the absolutely stunning events taking place. As I write the story of my amazing life today and into the future, I realize that I can expand my life in all ways, and that there is unlimitedness in my life. I am expanding my life in all areas of my life.

I’m feeling so great, and I’m just wanting to take this life of mine into the highest places possible. I’m wanting to take my work to its greatest heights, to work with Quantum-Touch therapy as a practitioner, as an instructor, and as a coach, I’m working with my coaching practice to the greatest heights possible, with wonderful clients every day.

And I’m intending to take my work onto the Speakers Circuit, where I will be spending time on the international stage speaking about my life and my work. I’m so excited that I’m having these great enlightened moments when I’m knowing that the sky is the limit for my life and my talents.

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Living Well and in HIgh Level Wellbeing

I continue to marvel at how powerful Quantum-Touch Therapy affects our beings, on all levels. I was in excruciating pain for several weeks following some major stretching myself at the gym trying to keep up with the class. The last day I was at the gym, I had such pain when I was on the tread mill for a few moments that I had to stop feeling quite nauseous. I came home and never went back. The pain actually moved through all my old injuries from my right hip, down the leg affecting the knee to the point where I was afraid that it would not support me on the stairs. I continued to do my pilates stretches each morning and ran energy into my hip joints regularly. The pain seemed to move down my leg, through my entire pelvis, particularly my sacroiliac joint on both sides, and on the left leg as well.

Through the weeks that I was feeling all this discomfort, I had issues with bringing my groceries upstairs, and even simply going upstairs to visit the bathroom. I actually wondered at times if I could continue to live in this house with its three stories and two flights of stairs that were totally integral to being here.

Then, it was gone. One morning, I woke up, and as I moved from my bed and gradually made my way downstairs to the kitchen, I realized that all the extreme pain was gone, and in fact I was totally comfortable going up and down the stairs. I even went grocery shopping and was able to carry grocery bags one bag at a time all the way upstairs.

Today, I’m planning on carrying all my groceries up together, as I’ve always done in the past. I know that I’ll continue to ensure that I’m fit and flexible. I’m doing my stretches each morning before I do my meditations. and I am now walking each morning…

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Attacting my Perfect Client Quantum-Touch Therapy and Law of Attraction Coaching

During my work with a business coach who worked with soul centred business, I had to define my perfect client. I took the time to do this, and discovered how this worked, and how I was attractive to those who wanted and needed my services.

While being involved in my current Law of Attraction coaching training, I was again required to define my perfect clients and provided with tools and imagery to assist me in this task. One of the most profound tools, was the image of a lighthouse running up and down the beach looking for ships in trouble and looking for the lighthouse, but unable to find it, as it was running up and down. When the lighthouse took its proper place on the rocky coast, shining its light far a wide for all the ships to see, those who wanted and needed its services, were attracted to it, while those who had their own resources, and didn’t need the lighthouse were not attracted, and therefore not involved with the lighthouse.

This imagery really helps me, and my coaching and energy healing clients to understand about all my work, both my Quantum-Touch Therapy hands-on healing practice, and my Law of Attraction coaching practice and to make choices that work for us all.

I see clients on four days per week, and I work with Coaching clients during 10 hours per week. This is the most amazing work I could imagine, creating enormous satisfaction and very rewarding in all ways.

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Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I Training In Ottawa In August

Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I training at the end of August is getting me out and about here in Ottawa on these very hot summer days. I’ve been visiting all the Community Centres throughout Ottawa and surrounding communities, to post my flyers. There seemed to be an openness to have this material on display.

I’m going to visit my local health food stores and other holistic shops in the villages and towns in the 30 mile radius of Ottawa, where these days, there are lots of festivals, and fairs going on. I’ve done these kinds of distribution before, but not for a number of years, so I’m having fun this week visiting all these shops.

And I’m busy developing my new coaching program for fellow Quantum-Touch Instructors, and eventually for Practitioners using Law of Attraction coaching methods. As we all know, Richard used these tools when developing the QT Level I training, so I seems to be totally appropriate to create several MasterMind Groups using these coaching tools to support my fellow instructors and practitioners in finding their best ways to develop higher feelings of abundance with their work.

I’ll be posting all of this onb my website at and of course my Quantum-Touch Level I training info can be found on ….

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Living My Life One Day at at Time

I’m so excited to have rediscovered my blog site, where I intended to put all my deep thoughts about many things, and now I’m back.. on my BIG BIRTHDAY!!!  I’m just enjoying my days to the max, and loving every little aspect of every day.

Yesterday, I had breakfast with my daughter, and her daughters and granddaughter.  These gentle, peaceful, family moments are really very profound, when we take the time to contemplate them, and I’m doing that this morning, reflecting upon that visit from the very beginning of entering the new residence, to the tour by my great granddaughter, and our conversation during the tour, from upstairs, showing me each room, and telling me whose room it was, right down to the basement and all the various rooms tinihere.  She was amazing, and the tour was a great treat.

I’m also discovering how amazing my body continues, and with just a little maintenance, I’m stronger again, and not even feeling any back and hip pain this morning.  I’ve come to some conclusions about that, and I’ll write more about this later today, following my walk, my exercises (beginning with those all important stretches), and my substantial breakfast with lots of protein, and then my big smoothie, with lots of fruit and leafy greens, and my Greens+, protein powder, and collogen powder.

That’s my welcome back to me message here on my blogsite.  I’ll be back daily, as this is my most wonderful way to communicate.

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