10 Steps to Create Your Best 10 Years Ever

A business building coaching program based upon the principles from the

Law of Attraction

developed specifically for Quantum-Touch Therapy Practitioners and Instructors

Beautiful and effective coaching program for Practitioners and Instructors of Quantum-Touch Therapy to help them to provide for themselves a highly sustainable lifestyle as they help their clients to live with improved wellness, skills to reduce pain in their bodies, enhanced sleep and a greater sense of satisfaction in their lives day to day.

I have learned that when we start a business such as a Quantum-Touch Therapy energy healing business, we will become involved with the use of imagination and vibration to create what we image and create the feelings of fully being in the middle of this successful business. We will learn how to fully embody what that business will look like and how it will feel like from the building where you will offer your training, the street, the colours of the building outside, to the inside of the building including the room where you do your work, the entrance, the parking area, the size of the building, where the windows are, colours of the walls, the lighting, how you will organize your various rooms, a place to wait, the wash rooms, your table to work with clients, your office desk, chairs, and all the other little and large details.

What I have learned is that the more detail you can bring your imagined business, you are in effect bringing this business closer to your todays reality.

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I love Ottawa

This morning I was driving into downtown Ottawa to ensure that I would be able to find my dentists’ new location when I go there this week. I’ve lived in this city most of my life, and I lived downtown for a number of years, following time spent living abroad.
I remember at that time, I would walk to my office from an apartment I lived in across from the Police Station on Elgin St., and my office was across the river in Gatineau. I always loved that walk, and I treasured the view I had of this city as I was living very close to the ground, by going everywhere on foot.
Now, following the pandemic lockdowns, and 20 years of living outside the centre of the city, I’ve not spent much time in the downtown areas. This morning, I intentionally found the address I needed to find, and then I took a leisurely drive along Elgin St., enjoying all the sights, sounds, and the aroma of spices from the cooking of various cuisines from many different cultures, and I found myself in tears as I appreciated this city, this city that actually seems a bit more like a small town, a city I realizing how much I love this city, the place that is my home.
I’ve been on the planet for 80 years now, and I’ve felt absolutely safe and cared about here in my home, this city of mine. I look forward to going back downtown for my appointment. I am really pleased that I was drawn to my downtown area again, to love and enjoy all the wonderful city with all its various aspects, waterways, green spaces, cuisines, and to know that we are all comfortable and safe in our homes.

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Quantum-Touch Therapy: Creating Resiliency in our Lives

This morning I’ve been thinking about when I was attempting to find a word or a phrase that summed up the impact we experience when we are working with energy. I remember that the ‘word’ I had chosen was ‘RESILIENCY’ as a word that truly expresses what happens to our beings when we are using Quantum-Touch regularly in our wellness.
Why would I use RESILIENCE as that word to describe what we experience? I had originally considered that it refers to our emotional toughness we begin to experience when we’re using QT regularly in our daily practice within ourselves for wellness in all ways, in all areas of our beings.
If someone makes a statement or is behaving in a way that would have created feelings of disempowerment before we started our journey with Quantum-Touch therapy, now that you have experienced how you feel when you have an energized and balanced chakra system, you know that your place of personal empowerment, your third chakra, is strong, and you know the difference in how you feel when you are fully empowered and in charge of your feelings and when you are not.
I have found that I can simply focus on that area, and take a moment or two to be fully present to myself, and in this case, my third chakra to regain my awareness of my ‘RESILIENT” self, to bring myself back to centre, and know that I’m fine, in charge of me, and all those other feelings are now gone.
Resiliency enhances our immunity, our creativity, our ability to relax, as well as to do exercise, and to have more physical strength.
My thoughts for today, and I’ll be expanding on this more another day.
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Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I workshop

This past weekend I offered my first live workshop since the beginning of the pandemic. I knew that my preferred way of doing this work as an instructor, would always be doing live training, and in that way I witness the students and their process in front of me.
Of course, I’m always surprised at how amazing it is that the Universe always gives us what we need in terms of connecting the right people with us at the right time. Well, this was no different, and we had a great weekend, perfection as always, and the most amazing aspect was that after teaching all day Saturday, I was absolutely filled with energy when we were complete. No fatigue, nothing that could be interpreted as any feelings of stress after the act of physically instructing.
This work is simply bliss, and bliss in its most wonderful form.
I will be teaching again at the end of April, 2023, so if there is interest in doing the training here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in a live class, I’m available, and just get in touch to register.

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Working with Energy and Natural Processes as we Age

Autonomy in our lives moment to moment has to be a crucial aspect of well being and mental wellness. I’m exploring this concept as it has existed in my own life as well as in the lives of many others in the form of a proposal to find greater ways to create greater longevity and satisfaction in the lives of the elders in our communities, as well as reduce the cost of maintaining us into our 10th decade and beyond. I’ve decided, and I’ve been sharing with many others, that I’m intending to be doing my work for another 40 years, and that will be taking me past my 120th birthday, and I am fully aware that it is happening.

A number of years ago, when our entire planet was experiencing a highly contagious pandemic, the flaws in the ways in which our elders were being cared for, and every little aspect of exploitation in the ways in which those who were hired to care for them was highlighted in the most alarming way possible. as the carers who were only hired to work so many hours per day, needed to work in more than one facility

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We are Hardwired for Wellness

I’m impressed constantly about the absolute simplicity of how Quantum-Touch techniques shift misalignments quickly and effortlessly. In the Level I book by Richard on Quantum- Touch you will see this as a subtitle in the first chapter. I learned about this many years ago, and I sometimes forget when I speak with newcomers to our energy work that not everyone knows about this fact. We are indeed intended to be well, and when we recognize what that means, we may indeed be surprised.

Recently, I had a brief glimmer of my total wellness, in its high level state. I have known that I was living with a wellness state for many years, however, what I’d not fully grasped was that I was still not living in the highest state. I had always had something holding me back and although it seemed to be very difficult to grasp, it was there especially when I was planning to get into a new project and knew that this project would change my exposure in the community possibly

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Quantum-Touch Therapy and My Amazing Practice

As life and business are returning to a new normal, I’m reminded that many of those who see my posts here, have never worked with me. So, I’m going to start posting here as well as to do facebook lives regularly to share those amazing sessions with those curious about those situations with whom I work.
I have been working with children who are experiencing prolonged flu symptoms, and when I work with them, it takes several sessions to totally change the vibration of their systems to either totally eliminate the symptoms, or to reduce the symptoms substantially initially, and then to have them gone.
I also work with elders with many issues with joint pain, or the risk of totally disability and as I work with them they experience a reduction of pain, increased mobility, and they begin to feel taller, in a way that would indicate that there has been in fact, elongation in their spines.
You can reach me at 613-228-2272, or at aileen@aileensoasis.com for information on our hours and location.

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Living in High Level Wellness: Wellness is A Hardwired Blessing

When we open the original text written by Richard Gordon, Quantum-Touch, The Power to Heal, we find these words at the top of the first page in Chapter 1,
A Hardwired Blessing.
When I read these words, I’m reminded that our bodies, minds, and spirits are, as Richard has written, programmed to be well. I have been writing about my experiences in my book currently being edited, ‘Living in Extraordinary Wellness into your 8th Decade and Beyond’.
I was a relatively sickly child and as a young woman and the mother of many children, I was also unwell often. However, I realized that when I became more aware myself, and my own body, mind and spirit, I have come to realize that when I focus on the part of me that is active, smart and healthy, I had all those attributes that we would consider normal in a young woman growing up in rural Ontario. I had been sick at least once each winter, and would need to stay at home, and probably in bed.
This was the pattern of my life and wellness until I became physically injured in what we would call a ‘repetitive strain injury’. I was sent for many sessions of physio and provided with a prescription for healing and pain. It was at this time when I realized that I was experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding that I sensed the wisdom in seeking a second opinion in the way to deal with my injury. I was referred to another practitioner and following a few simple techniques, the pain was gone, without any other side effects. In the end, it all seemed to be easy peasy.
I decided that I needed to pursue more information on what had occurred here, and thus the first steps in finding a very different way to live, following that concept, We Are Hardwired for Wellness.
Please check out my website www.aileensoasis.com. my blogsite, www.wellnessunlimited.ca, and the Quantum-Touch website, www.quantumtouch.com. Training is available all over the planet these days, both in person, virtual, and soon to be available in Ottawa, hybrid training. You can also find many practitioners who are doing hands-on sessions, as well as Distant Healing sessions. We refer to these sessions as miracles becoming normacles. You will find a level of discovery that you have not experienced for many years. I’ve

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10 Steps to Create Your Best 10 Years Ever

Attracting Perfect clients

When we begin to consider having our own businesses following years, perhaps of working where our clients came to us through another avenue, such as being prescribed, or as in other fields, we are contacted because we are the only specialist in that field.  When we have spent some time in our own business, we begin to realize that some of our clients are perfect for the service we offer, and others don’t seem to fit with our way of doing our work.

What you may ask, is the difference between how the clients who come to us and seem to be fully on board and overjoyed at being able to work with us, and those who seem to want to see us, however, there also seems to be an inner battle within them about exactly how we do our work, our hours, the length of time for appointments and most of all, the exchange in our interactions where the amount we charge for our services, is always an issue.

I’ve come to that place within myself and my work, where I understand that every client who is attracted to my work, is a perfect client and comes to see me because they basically share our core values, thereby fully appreciating and valuing each and every aspect of our work.

I’ve learned that when we take time early on in our work life to examine our core values, to construct a personal mission statement and to then write a mission statement for our businesses, we will begin to fully understand how the Law of Attraction works, in that when we a fully cognizant of who we are, and of the value we offer, we will be very attractive to those perfect clients who recognize, and want to experience only services from my work that in effect, are uniquely mind.

This is part of what I am offering in both my healing work, as well as in my MasterMind program about Transformation.

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Lessons I Have Learned from My therapy Dog, Chelsea

Recently, I posted a copy of my Chelsea’s Canine Good Citizen certificate, her Therapy Dog Certificate. I shared a few of our experiences together, and someone asked if I would share more of my life with Chelsea. So, as part of my previous aspirations, I’m preparing to start a series of articles about my dear puppy. I’ve decided to call this, Lessons I Learned from my Furry Buddy.
Chelsea and I walked a lot, all over this city. I live in Ottawa, which is one of the most easily visited city to explore on foot, and with a four-legged buddy.
When Chelsea initially came to live with me, she was 7 years old, and had been living with my youngest son, and his family since she was 8 weeks old. When I first met her at their home, she was immediately at my feet, and lying on her back to have her belly rubbed. I believe that the love affair with this beautiful being started from that moment. They were living locally then, so I saw her often.
Then they moved to BC, and I didn’t see her for a few years. The day I walked into their house in BC, I sat on the sofa, and she was on my lap. She was no longer a puppy, however, she knew me and wanted to make sure that she was there with me. On that visit, I slept in an upper bunk bed, and Chelsea climbed the ladder to sleep with me. I told her that she could sleep with me, however, I would like her to sleep at the lower part of the bed, as I was concerned that I’d fall out of the top bunk. And she did what I asked.
Chelsea was a mixed breed puppy, being predominately Husky, with Shepherd and a smidge of Rotweiller. She was always curious about everyone, particularly anyone coming into our house. Of course, in her mind they were coming to see her. She was also a wonderful judge of character. And if I could be very honest, I’m sure that she saw through everyone the instant they approached our home from several blocks away.
Being Husky, she wasn’t necessarily a puppy who wanted to share her human with a lot of others, particularly at home. So, when she came to live with me, we were basically a match that had been made long before, and was a few years in getting there. And so my story begins, and I’ll be back another day with more to this story. I’ll be posting this as well on my blogsite www.wellnessunlimited.ca..

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